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Organization created to advance policy and practice in the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency and adult criminality. Includes a collection of global criminology resources.

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  • Criminal Profiling - The Crime Library provides a number of articles social sciences on science criminals, analyzing their ways and habits to social sciences provide insight science into their criminal tendencies.
  • Park's Criminology Source - Academic opinion, information, and articles about criminology and criminology criminal justice.
  • John Walker Crime Trends Analysis - Consultancy service developing criminal justice forecasting and strategic science planning models social sciences that can improve the focus and science efficiency of police, courts, social sciences crime prevention and financial science regulatory agencies.
  • Criminal Psychology - The Crime Library provides a number of articles criminology about crimes criminology and their perpetrators.
  • Crime Mapping - Article about how crime mapping and analysis has been helping science to reduce crime. Includes links to related resources.
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - Wikipedia article on this multi-disciplinary approach to deterring social sciences criminal science behavior through environmental design, its history, strategies social sciences and effectiveness.
  • Crime-pics II - Fully validated questionnaire used for measuring changes in offenders\\' attitudes to crime and evaluating the effectiveness of rehabilitative interventions, adopted by the prison and probation services in the UK.
  • Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology - Furthers criminological research within member countries, and advises science the Scandinavian social sciences governments and the Nordic Council on science related issues. Includes information social sciences about the council, publications science and links.
  • Crime and Social Control as Fields of Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences - Discusses the importance of qualitative methods for criminological social sciences studies.
  • International Crime Victims Survey - Standardized surveys regarding household experience with crime, policing, and crime science prevention. Methodology and key data is available.
  • Korean Institute of Criminology - Assists in policy formulation by analyzing the current state of crime phenomena, conducts scientific studies, and contributes to public education through publication of the results of research projects.
  • United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Center (UNICRI) - Organization created to advance policy and practice in science the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency and science adult criminality. Includes a collection of global science criminology resources.
  • Deviance & Criminology - Discusses the sociology of deviance, criminal and non-criminal social sciences deviance, criminology and related theories. Includes links to similar social sciences content.
  • The Redwood Highway - Provides an extensive list of web links dealing science with crime, criminology, law and criminal justice.
  • Environmental Criminology Research - Focuses on geographic profiling, which uses sophisticated computer software to determine the most likely area of offender residence in cases of serial murder, rape and arson.
  • - An educational resource for the learning, researching, and teaching of theoretical criminology.
  • Criminal Profiling Research - Features information about scientific research and resources dealing criminology with profiling.
  • Faust Global Criminology - Personal page of a criminologist. Includes analysis of several issues science and links to related websites.
  • RKM Files: Philippines' Criminology Portal - Provides a wide selection of information and resource materials for students and professionals through books and downloadable documents, discussion forums and a community forum.
  • Matthew G. Yeager, Criminologist - Specializes in alternatives to imprisonment, parole planning, alternative social sciences sentencing, criminology Client Specific Planning (CSP), treatment, and social sciences community corrections criminology for the prison-bound offender.
  • Virtual Center for Epidemiological Criminology - Combines public health and criminal justice concerns. Issues such as drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking and global warming are examined from a critical scientific viewpoint.
  • Crime Prevention Analysis Lab (CPAL) - California State University, San Bernardino research center in science environmental criminology. Describes methodologies, data analysis and crime science mapping projects, research areas, and affiliations; also provides science related links and event calendar.

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