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Gives a voice to criminal justice practitioners, academicians, students, crime victims, and interested citizens, covering police, courts, corrections, victims, crime causation, and the death penalty.

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  • Crime and Criminals Email List - The purpose of this list is to talk about crimes, issues criminals, and punishment. The latest news is posted to this issues site everyday.
  • Vera Institute of Justice - A nonprofit organization that works closely with government to improve the services that people rely on for safety and justice.
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service - Lists publications and links on corrections, courts, crime, drugs, international crime, juvenile justice, law enforcement, research, statistics, crime victims.
  • Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University - Information about the center, with resources and details crime and justice of current projects, as well as information about crime and justice the 2001 Ron Wiebe Memorial Lecture and Dialogue crime and justice on Restorative Justice.
  • Atlantic Unbound - A collection of articles on crime from the Atlantic Monthly.
  • Financial Scandals - Links to information on financial scandals, bank frauds, crime and justice issues money laundering, corruption, scams, and organized crime.
  • Association for Criminal Justice Research (California) - A group of public servants, practitioners, evaluators, analysts society and academics crime and justice sharing information from a research focus. society Includes membership details, conference crime and justice information, list of member society interest areas, and newsletters.
  • Dr. Frank Schmalleger's Talk Justice - Gives a voice to criminal justice practitioners, academicians, issues students, crime victims, and interested citizens, covering police, issues courts, corrections, victims, crime causation, and the death issues penalty.
  • United States Department of Justice - Primary federal criminal investigation and enforcement agency.
  • CAVEAT - Advocacy and education to reduce violence with a society focus on public education, victims rights and the society justice system.
  • Center for Community Alternatives - Works in the fields of juvenile and criminal crime and justice issues justice and offers training, research and technical assistance.
  • Almanac of Policy Issues: Criminal Justice - Background information and links on U.S. criminal justice policy, including issues like gun control, drug policy, and the death penalty.
  • Criminal Justice Policy Foundation - CJPF provides information to policy makers and the issues public to promote innovative ideas about criminal justice issues issues, including sentencing, drug policy, and police policy.
  • Criminal Justice Resources - Assembled by Jon Harris, criminal justice specialist at crime and justice society Michigan State University's library.
  • Community Justice Portal - Information exchange, networking and e-learning for people working society in the crime and justice community and criminal justice system. Includes society news, press releases, job crime and justice ads, publications, and discussion society forum. [Registration required]
  • Miranda Rights - News and resources on the history and fate of the society warnings given while being arrested.
  • Crime and Deviance - Crime and deviance is breaking laws or social society rules (norms). Articles, discussions and links exploring crime society and deviance
  • National Center on Institutions and Alternatives - Private nonprofit, progressive, and effective criminal justice and crime and justice human services agency founded in 1977.
  • Peacemaking & Crime - Provides information about peacemaking in the U.S. criminal justice system society and resources useful to those in interested in alternatives to society the war on crime.
  • - Compares crime rates for major North American cities.
  • Mafia - A site dealing with the history of the Mafia in society the USA. Contents include profiles of infamous mobsters with photographs, society links to other crime sites. Includes the Gambino, Gotti, and society Genovese families.
  • Community Justice Exchange - Offers information and assistance to help bring together society criminal justice crime and justice agencies and ordinary citizens to make society communities safer.
  • Transparency International (TI) - International non-governmental society society organisation devoted to combating corruption. society TI focuses on prevention society society and reforming society systems.
  • You Have the Power - Not-for-profit agency devoted to raising awareness about criminal issues justice and crime and justice crime prevention. Resource links and sale issues of educational products.

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