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Teaching and learning materials on social, economic, and environmental issues of sustainable development, including extensive information on interpreting demographic data.

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  • Integrated Population, Land Use, and Emissions Data Project (CIESIN) - Linking georeferenced demographic and socioeconomic data with remote sensing data on land cover and use. Site offers access to several significant population-related and geographic databases.
  • Life courses in context - A collaboration based on 19th and 20th century Dutch population social sciences registers and censuses to provide demograpic information.
  • Development Education Program, World Bank Group - Teaching and learning materials on social, economic, and science environmental issues social sciences of sustainable development, including extensive information science on interpreting demographic data.
  • City Population - Principal cities and agglomerations of the world and science of many science countries (tables and maps).
  • Center for Demographic Research - A non-profit research center providing on population, housing social sciences and employment plus GIS mapping services and a social sciences range of publications.
  • Demography and Population Studies WWW Virtual Library - Organized collection of Internet links.
  • National Statistics Offices - Index to national statistics offices worldwide.
  • People Facts - Vital population statistics for countries presented in demography and population social sciences studies a sortable display.
  • Internet Resources for Demographers - Collection of demography links, organized by content.
  • H-Demog: Historical Demography - H-Net discussion group dedicated to research, teaching, and demography and population science studies historiography. Features subject overview, archives, reports, affiliations, links demography and science population studies to related lists and resources, and subscription details. demography science and population studies Includes interactive demographic data viewer.
  • Population Review - A journal of demography and population studies focusing social sciences on both the developing and developed world.
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