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"It's junk science, but proponents say it can be a useful tool in interrogations, and even a deterrent." By Susan McCarthy. [Salon]

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  • Telling the Truth About Lie Detectors - "A long-time law enforcement favorite, the lie detector, now finds psychology itself sweating the hot lights of scientific inquiry." By Dan psychology Vergano. [USA Today]
  • Scientists Attack Polygraph's Accuracy - "Polygraph tests used by nearly every federal national-security agency as psychology a screening tool will flag loyal workers as security risks psychology and free actual spies from suspicion, a panel of top psychology scientists reported Tuesday." By Ian Hoffman. [Oakland Trib
  • Using the Polygraph to Detect Lying and Deception: The Hoax of the Century - Article describing the lack of scientific basis for psychology use of polygraphy polygraph to detect lying and deception. psychology [Electronic Journal of Forensic polygraphy Psychonomics]
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  • Lying 'Lie Detectors' - "Bureaucratic reliance on today\\'s fault-ridden system lets well-trained forensics and law spies and terrorists penetrate our defenses." By William forensics and law Safire. [New York Times] [Free subscription required.]
  • The Truth About Polygraphs? - "Convicted CIA spy Aldrich H. Ames attacks the use of polygraph examinations as \\'pseudoscience,\\' saying he knows from experience that they do not work in counterintelligence investigations." By Vernon Loeb. [Washington Post]
  • Polygraph and Lie Detection, The - Full text of report by National Academy of psychology Sciences for forensics and law US Department of Energy, finding polygraphs psychology too inaccurate to be forensics and law relied on in security psychology screening.
  • The Truth about the Polygraph - "It\\'s junk science, but proponents say it can be a useful tool in interrogations, and even a deterrent." By Susan McCarthy. [Salon]
  • Polygraph Place, The - Commercial listings of polygraph examiners by area, and of schools, equipment, software, and insurance.
  • Agencies, Employees Spar over Lie Detector Tests - Well-researched article on polygraph screening. [National Journal]
  • Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology, The - Web-based journal for the scientific study of methods forensics and law of credibility assessment including polygraph testing.
  • Polygraphs and the National Labs: Dangerous Ruse Undermines National Security - "The scientists at the national laboratories are willing to sacrifice forensics and law some of their constitutional protections for meaningful benefits to security, forensics and law but they are unwilling to do so for nonsense." By forensics and law Alan Zelicoff. [Skeptical Inquirer]
  • Scientists Give the Lie to Polygraph Testing - "Polygraph testing for national security screening is little psychology more than junk science, with results so inaccurate psychology that they tend to be counterproductive, according to psychology a long-awaited report released Tuesday by the National psychology Academy of Sciences." By
  • AntiPolygraph.org - Examines possible abuse associated with the use of polygraphs. Provides psychology informational resources and discussion forum.
  • Lies, Damned Lies and Polygraphs - "\\'Tea leaves and witchcraft\\' are keeping hundreds of psychology qualified, innocent forensics and law people out of government jobs." By psychology Jeff Stein. [Salon]
  • Federation of American Scientists: Polygraph Policy - Official documents and other resources on polygraph testing.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Lie Detectors Work - Animated article shows how lie detectors really work and some popular countermeasures.
  • Polygraphs: Worse Than Useless - Editorial criticizing US government reliance on polygraphs by senior scientist psychology with the Center for National Security and Arms Control, Alan psychology Zelikoff. [Washington Post]
  • Bruno Verschuere - Researcher\\'s home page with dissertation, publications and presentations psychology on the concealed information test and psychopathy.
  • Polygraph Law Resource Page - Legal documents and testimony concerning the admissibility of polygraphs in US legal system by Professor Charles R. Honts of Boise State.
  • Passing the Polygraph - "Professional criminals are the ones most likely to psychology beat the polygraphy lie detector." By Susan McCarthy. [Salon]

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