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Phase diagrams of binary, ternary and quaternary aqueous solutions of salts and non-electrolytes. The basic thermodynamics related to these phase diagrams is explained. The application of a thermodynamic model to calculate phase diagrams and perform proce

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  • Phase Diagrams for Poly Disperse Polymers - The worlds only multi phase flash for poly technology disperse polymers. technology All the commonly used thermodynamic models technology are implemented, and a technology wide range of property technology calculations can be done in a technology matter of technology seconds.
  • Virtual Laboratory: Thermodynamic Equilibrium - Online experiments using Java applets, demonstrating the diffusion technology process when gases are mixed. From the University technology of Oregon.
  • Therminol - Therminol heat transfer medium : characteristics, ranges of temperature.
  • Applied Thermodynamic and Phase Equilibria - Research laboratory for phase equilibria at high pressures heat transfer and thermodynamics and applied thermodynamics for the chemical and process heat transfer and thermodynamics industry.
  • Micro Chemical and Thermal Systems - Pacific Northwest National laboratory,operated by Battelle, for the Department of technology Energy, is involved in the development of Micro Chemical and technology Thermal Systems, MICRO-CATS.
  • Vapor and Liquid Phase Data - Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems
  • Heat Transfer Net - A very complete site about heat transfer. Many heat transfer and heat transfer and thermodynamics thermodynamics links (worldwide technical reviews, conferences, publishers) and documentations heat transfer heat transfer and thermodynamics and thermodynamics for teachers, students and specialists.
  • Gibbs models - Visualization of thermodynamic fundamental and state functions using technology computer-generated drawings chemical engineering for pure, binary, and ternary fluid-phase technology systems.
  • IVC-SEP Research Group - Technical University of Denmark - The research group IVC-SEP at the Technical University heat transfer and technology thermodynamics of Denmark. The main topic of research is heat transfer technology and thermodynamics chemical thermodynamics relating to phase equilibria and separation heat technology transfer and thermodynamics processes
  • Heat Flux Articles - A number of articles describing heat flux measurement and its chemical engineering practical applications.
  • Thermodynamic diagrams of alternative refrigerants for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump - Thermodynamic diagrams for environmentally friendly refrigerants of R134a, technology R227, R407C, chemical engineering R407B, R410A, R507, HX4, R290, CARE technology 50, CARE 30, hydrocarbons
  • Thermodynamics Research Laboratory - Heavy organics characterization and deposition from petroleum fluids, arterial blockage and fouling in the petroleum and gas industries,...
  • Combustion Basic - Basic information about burners, combustion and boilers efficiency.
  • Aqueous Electrolyte Solution Thermodynamics - Phase diagrams of binary, ternary and quaternary aqueous solutions of salts and non-electrolytes. The basic thermodynamics related to these phase diagrams is explained. The application of a thermodynamic model to calculate phase diagrams and perform proce
  • Superfluid Helium - A site with information on the production and properties of chemical engineering Superfluid Helium (He II).
  • Heat Conduction - A Java applet to deduce the cross-sectional profile heat transfer and chemical engineering thermodynamics of a heated conductive bar based on its heat transfer chemical engineering and thermodynamics temperature.
  • International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam - IAPWS is an international non-profit association of national chemical engineering organizations concerned with the properties of water and chemical engineering steam, particularly thermophysical properties and other aspects of chemical engineering high-temperature steam, water and aqueous mixtures that are chemical engineering relevant t
  • Cooling Towers: Design and Operation Considerations - An article about the types, design, and operation chemical engineering of heat transfer and thermodynamics cooling towers, by Christopher M. A. Haslego.
  • Phase Diagram construction with Common Tangent Line method - Description of the method used and a program (alpha stage).
  • International Journal of Thermal Sciences - Directory of the previous issues of the International technology Journal of technology Thermal Science - Revue Générale de technology Thermique and how technology to be published in technology this Journal. Links towards the others technology Elsevier sciences technology news and books.
  • A Heat Transfer Textbook - written by John H. Lienhard IV and John heat transfer and technology thermodynamics H. Lienhard V. Available for downloading as a heat transfer technology and thermodynamics PDF file.
  • Cantera - Cantera is an open-source, object-oriented software package for technology problems involving chemically-reacting flows. technology Application areas include research in combustion, chemical vapor technology deposition, propulsion, environmental studies, corrosion, and other fields technology o

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