Reliability Engineering Technology Science

A course dealing with the probability and statistics useful in reliability engineering. Includes course notes, a syllabus, plus related links.

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See Also:
  • ARMS Reliability Engineers - Australian consultancy firm offering reliability engineering services, reliability reliability engineering software reliability engineering solutions and root-cause analysis training.
  • FIDES - The FIDES Guide is a global methodology for reliability engineering in electronics. It includes a reliability prediction guide and a reliability process control and audit guide.
  • Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals - A not-for-profit corporation formed to network those in science the maintenance profession.
  • Society of Reliability Engineers (SRE) - resource providing education, social contact, and insight to technology foster understanding of reliability, maintainability, and life testing.
  • SoHaR - Consultancy company offering reliability, availability and maintainability software science and services, science including project support and management, tools science and training.
  • Statistics 533 - Reliability course (in the statistics department) at Iowa State University.
  • Reliability Tools - Details a range of prediction and modelling programs.
  • Quanterion Solutions - Provides reliability engineering consulting services aimed at improving science system reliability.
  • Safety-Critical Systems Club / Software Reliability & Metrics Club - Non-profit organisation seeking to raise awareness and facilitate technology transfer in the field. Based in the UK.
  • Reliability Standards and Handbooks - Includes a list of standards with their number and description.
  • SAPHIRE - Risk and Safety Users Group. A low-cost probabilistic reliability engineering risk, technology safety, and reliability tool.
  • DfR Solutions - Provider of quality, reliability, and durability research and science consulting for science the electronics industry, specialising in root-cause science analysis and accelerated testing science of electronics.
  • Weibull - Reliability engineering and life data analysis resources. reliability engineering Includes reliability engineering reliability engineering theory, discussion and resources
  • Alion System Reliability Center - Consultants providing information, tools, training and technical expertise reliability engineering in technology reliability, maintainability, supportability and quality.
  • Reliability Engineering Snapshot - A monthly illustrated collection of actual failure analysis case studies reliability engineering in the fields of corrosion, lubrication, machine design, material properties, reliability engineering people, and vibration.
  • Reliability Direct, Inc. - Provides e-commerce solutions for electric motor condition monitoring, science predictive maintenance and reliability products as well as science other centrifugal and reciprocating machinery.
  • The Annual R&M Symposium (RAMS) - Annual reliability and maintainability conference. Includes a message from the chair, on-line registration, and a program brochure.
  • LebenTech Innovative Solutions - Consultants providing reliability and manufacturing engineering solutions through the application science of strategic research, associated technologies, mathematical modeling, scientific method and science extensive engineering analysis.
  • International Reliabilitiy Physics Symposium - Annual conference. Includes information on posters and science papers, presenter information and program.
  • Statistical Reliability - A course dealing with the probability and statistics useful in reliability engineering. Includes course notes, a syllabus, plus related links.
  • Reliability Center, Inc. - Offer root cause analysis training, reliability consulting, root science cause analysis technology facilitations, FMEA facilitations, and reliability assessments.
  • Weibull Database - Includes typical failure data for various components.
  • Rome Laboratory Reliability Engineer's Toolkit - Engineer's toolkit. Includes background information.
  • Maintenance and Reliability Center - A research and development group at the University technology of Tennessee. technology Includes information on their mission, internship technology program, staff, continuing education technology and related links.
  • ASQC Reliability Division - The reliability part of the American Society for reliability engineering Quality reliability engineering Control, a quality improvement organization headquartered in reliability engineering Milwaukee, Wisconsin reliability engineering USA. Includes general information and reliability engineering how to join.
  • Center for System Reliability - A division of Sandia National Laboratories. Includes reliability engineering information reliability engineering on the center as a whole, the reliability engineering training offered, reliability engineering ways to work with the center reliability engineering and related links.
  • - Comprehensive site containing news, reviews, directories of products technology and services, reliability engineering and related information of interest to technology end users and suppliers reliability engineering of industrial plant and technology machinery reliability systems and equipment.
  • Design Analytx International - Provide tools to do probabalistic systems design analysis. Includes information on consultancy and seminars.
  • Ops a la Carte - Professional consulting firm focused on reliability engineering services, reliability engineering reliability science management and reliability education.
  • Reliability Analysis in Mechanical Engineering Design - A summary and the first two chapters of a PhD technology thesis.
  • Reliability¬®Magazine - A trade journal dedicated specifically to machinery reliability, reliability engineering the science predictive maintenance industry, root cause failure analysis, reliability engineering reliability centered science maintenance, and CMMS.
  • Equipment Reliability Institute - A specialized engineering school that focuses on solving hardware reliability science problems.
  • FREE Inc - Reliability and design engineering consulting firm that specializes technology in improving electrical and electronic designs through various technology design and analysis techniques.

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