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French national program in land transport research and innovation. Information about strategic program efforts to improve performance relative to energy, noise, pollution and environment.

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Innovative Transportation Technologies* - By Jerry Schneider. Classified descriptions, diagrams, over 40 transport technologies: planned, operating; electric and not; manual, automated; 1-/2-mode; freight/people movers (PRT); top mount, suspended; mono-/bi-rails, automated highways; fora, confere

  • Advanced Transit Association - ATRA promotes developing technologies such as Personal Rapid science Transit (PRT), technology identifies problems and ways advanced systems science can help solve them. technology Descriptions, studies (download, paper), science videos, PRT Model Project, calendar, links.
  • Car Innovations - How cars might appear in the future.
  • AWAKE - Pipeline project for a system to assess driver vigilance and transportation give off a warning, if need be. Lists consortium members transportation and purpose of the project. Based in Europe.
  • Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference - 2006 - Details presentations, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.
  • I.N.S.E.A.N. - Description of research facilities and programs. Includes publications.
  • The ADVISORS project - Action for advanced Driver assistance and Vehicle control science systems Implementation, science Standardisation, Optimum use of the Road science network and Safety. science Includes project description and science reports, a virtual driving lab, and science related links.
  • Automated People Mover Standards Committee - An organization developing standards for automated people movers. transportation Includes publications, directives, and meeting notes.
  • Hydro Lance Corp. - High Aspect Ratio Twin Hull (H.A.R.T.H.): new, innovative transportation marine ocean transportation ship platform architecture with passive designed, transportation high stability and safety, transportation low fuel use, achieves transportation high speeds in high seas: 50-75 transportation knots.
  • Future Transportation - Small enthusiast site, with maglev trains, solar sails, transport history. science Brief descriptions, diagrams, photographs.
  • SMRTram - Horizontal pedestrian mobility system to stretch average walking technology access distances science along selected corridors. Similar to technology light rail and buses, science but with rubber tires technology on a concrete guideway.
  • Planning Rural Roads - Designed to help planners and managers of rural science roads networks technology in developing countries. Covers topics such science as selection, design, funding, technology and maintenance.
  • The National Transportation Library - Provides online access to documents and databases covering science all aspects of transportation in the U.S. science Material is contributed by public and private organizations science around the country and access is free.
  • Predit - French national program in land transport research and transportation innovation. Information about strategic program efforts to improve transportation performance relative to energy, noise, pollution and environment.

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