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Features alien conversations with a weekly questions and answers forum, submitted paranormal stories, author Heidi Hollis, UFO2U group, and a unique alien gallery.

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AlienZoo* - Offers news on UFOs and space, MP3 music, intergalactic downloads, e-mail, chat, and Web search.
The Black Vault* - Large UFO site, with features including scanned pages of official government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court documents, information on viewing UFO's, and a discussion board.

  • The South Australian UFO Mystery Site - Detailed examination with very large pictures of a ufos UFO and society its probe, sighted early one morning ufos in South Australia.
  • FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Unidentified Flying Objects - Declassified UFO documents from the FBI.
  • UFO Evidence - In-depth, quality and scientific research on the UFO phenomenon.
  • Extra-Terrestrial Contact - A scientific overview of the UFO phenomenon.
  • The W-Files - Documents UFO sightings and abductions in the state of Wisconsin. Also covers a variety of other paranormal incidents.
  • UFO Resource Center - Offer photos, video clips, image analysis, research, discussion ufos forum and paranormal documents on UFO sightings and extraterrestrial ufos aliens.
  • The UFO that Crashed in Wales - An account of the UFO that allegedly crashed society into the paranormal Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974.
  • AlienExistence.com - UK UFO resource running petition to uncover facts regarding UFO\'s paranormal and alien visitation.
  • UFO Infosite - Information on UFO's, space and NASA.
  • Alien UFOs - Message board encourages discussion of aliens and UFOs, ufos including contact. society Also crop circles, cryptozoology, UFOs ufos in relation to religion.
  • Moon Fossil - Evidence of fossil life on moon. Invertebrate fossil paranormal discovered by Apollo 17 astronauts.
  • The Project At Earth - Learn about the true nature of universal life, including our ufos own. The Project At Earth is the organization of all ufos of Earth's Visiting Life.
  • Path to the Source - The purpose of this site is to present ufos extra-terrestrial contact paranormal experiences, e.t. philosophy, missing time and ufos para-normal experiences.
  • UFOINFO - Providing information regarding a wide range of UFO ufos topics, an assortment of bulletins, links to organisations, ufos magazines and a site search engine.
  • Aliens and UFOs Among Us - Reasons why alien visitations are thought to exist, paranormal from ancient paranormal history to the present.
  • UFO's Evidence? - UFO, Cydonia, opinion and link page for the paranormal serious researcher.
  • Aliens the Truth - UFO resource site.
  • UFO Skeptic - An information site on the UFO phenomenon by paranormal and for professional scientists.
  • UFOs and the National Security State - An Unclassified History. Volume One, 1941 to 1973. paranormal This is a thorough historical analysis of the paranormal national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon.
  • First Encounter - Ancient and modern encounters with extraterrestrials.
  • Ufoboard.net - About pre-1960 ufo-like phenomena from many decades and society centuries ago. ufos Includes articles about auroras, meteors, society singular phenomena, apparitions and ufos even strange airships, hoaxes, society humanoids, inventors and anomalies.
  • General Protocol (for) Human/Alien Contact - This is a general, formalized protocol containing: vital assessments for all future Human/Alien encounters. Printed manual version available.
  • Destination: Space - An active exploration of astronomical and aeronautical advances, the ongoing intrigue behind the UFO enigma and a view towards the reality behind science fiction.
  • UFO Area - Offers information about UFOs, ancient astronauts, crashes and sightings, flying triangles, and Puerto Rico.
  • South Africa's UFO Resource - Collection of information related to UFO`s, for example: top secret ufos files, implicated officials, downed and/or recovered craft, military and government ufos involvement, specifically in South Africa
  • UFO Online - Italian and English site, international UFO information.
  • UFOLOGY: An Informative Approach - History of UFO encounters, aliens on Earth, Roswell crash. In-depth articles on UFO personalities and abductees.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Aliens Might Work - Illustrated article examines astrobiology, the scientific search for extraterrestrial life.
  • UFOs: State of the Evidence 2000 - On-line article concerning the present juncture of the ufology v. Hard-science conflict of the last 50+ years.
  • Think About It - A place to think.
  • UFO2U - Features alien conversations with a weekly questions and society answers forum, submitted paranormal stories, author Heidi Hollis, society UFO2U group, and a unique alien gallery.
  • Alien Enigma - Offers exchange between people who have UFO experience. ufos Includes, how to tell if you are an ufos abductee, personal accounts, pictures and links.
  • UFO Folklore! - A huge amount of UFO related information.
  • Ufology UK - Latest news, theories, articles, community, games, documents, history, ufos and news.
  • Amateur Radio Unidentified Flying Object Net - Offers information and links on ufos and ham radio.
  • UFO-Norge - Provides information about UFO-related incidents.
  • Cosmic Conspiracies - Over 100 pages on UFOs.

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