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Dedicated to uniting the worlds of Galactic and Human beings, to personal and planetary healing, and elevation into light vibration.

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See Also:
  • Space a GoGo - The creation of life on the Earth by religion and spirituality extraterrestrial Elohim.
  • UFO Resource Center: UFOs and Religion - Commentary and articles on perceived UFOs in the Bible, and in Christian and Islamic religious traditions.
  • Unarius Academy of Science - An educational and scientific organization, founded in 1954 ufo by Dr. ufo Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman, ufo Cosmic Visionaries. The founders ufo laid down a bridge ufo that is a cosmic link to ufo the Space ufo Brothers.
  • KoReY Future Space Realm - KoReY or K.R.Y. (Kosmic Realm of Y\\'Shua) is an Interstellar modern movements Cultural Religious Organization, centered on the interstellar return of Israel modern movements and under the Parent Organization of the ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation.
  • Uniting Worlds - Dedicated to uniting the worlds of Galactic and modern movements Human beings, to personal and planetary healing, and modern movements elevation into light vibration.
  • Alien Axioms - Devoted to providing clarity and insight into the religion and spirituality alien, human, and extraterrestrial interaction.
  • Mutanex Earth Portal - Crossroads of human-alien hybrids, time travelers, and shamanistic ufo practitioners offering religion and spirituality guidance for earth survival until the ufo return of the UFO's.
  • Aetherius Society - Organization founded by Dr. George King which believes that UFOs will help the earth to enter the New Age. Features teachings, short biography, online store, and addresses of local organizations.

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