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Communist spiritual community forming in Southern California, who believe the Kingdom of God was meant to be built on Earth. Mission statement, news and articles.

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  • Modern Paths - Organized links, with explanations, on various groups and society aspects of religion and spirituality modern spirituality.
  • Church of Enlightened Assumption - Works to bring wellness and freedom from negativity. society Includes messages society from members, courses, and events.
  • Church of the New Aeon - A mind-opening metaphysical church based on the prophecy of the modern movements arrival of the New Aeon in 2029 and promoting Akashic modern movements healing, fasting, and ordinations.
  • The Eternal Now - The Religion of Ten for the Aquarian Age modern movements providing modern movements a link to spiritual teachings from the modern movements Source family. modern movements Worshipping father Yod, Yahowha.
  • Sea of Joy - Provides a description of the disciplines earth-based spirituality, religion and spirituality eco-feminism, and deep ecology.
  • The Reluctant Messenger - A syncretistic view of the religions of reincarnation religion and spirituality as well as the religions of the resurrection. religion and spirituality Also explores the synergistic energies of science and religion and spirituality religion through parable and fiction.
  • The Temple of Freedom - A free e-book discussing the transcendental god who society is currently in human form on earth.
  • The Sons Of The Law Of One - Awakening the children of Belial, the new exoduses religion and spirituality into the new Atlantean areas, and teaching the religion and spirituality followers of the one god.
  • Universal Matrix Church - A non-denominational church offering ordination to those seeking religion and spirituality society to become ministers.
  • EMC² - The Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness - Providing the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, a spiritual technology to assist in removing energy imbalances in order to increase the Life Force and consciousness of living beings. Contains the churches tenets, news, articles and event schedule.
  • Eclectic Church - Promoting a theology that advocates humanism as a society universal concept of Divine inspiration. Combining many society religious sources.
  • The Order of Time - Dedicated to nature, science, politics and spirituality from religion and spirituality society an alternative perspective. Articles on all these subjects.
  • Church of Perfect Liberty - Follows the philosophy that life is art, and modern movements has modern movements bases in Australia and Canada. Information about modern movements beliefs, with modern movements glossary.
  • The Cosmic Church of Truth - A metaphysical and nondenominational church with a foundation in Numerology modern movements and Astrology. Includes event schedule, newsletter, and prayers.
  • New World - Communist spiritual community forming in Southern California, who society believe the religion and spirituality Kingdom of God was meant to society be built on Earth. religion and spirituality Mission statement, news and society articles.
  • Surya Ma - Master Teacher - A dynamic path for enlightenment, healing, and world service as derived from the source. Affiliated with The Universal Teachings of Wisdom.
  • Windwalking Arts - Information, events, and resources for windwalkers.
  • Eternism - Offering the purpose of existence and supplying proof modern movements of religion and spirituality eternal life. Includes a comprehensive definition of modern movements this alternative religion and spirituality belief system.
  • Summum - Philosophy using Egyptian spirituality and the laws of modern movements quantum society physics to explain creation.
  • Health Ecology - Features methods and activities for improving the coexistence religion and spirituality modern movements of any person with nature.
  • Free Thinkers - A non-religious way of life teaching respect, giving, society and freedom.
  • Revelatorium - Essay claiming to reveal the principles of the modern movements New Age, as given by Divine Authority.
  • Worldwide Religion of Reality - A religion dedicated to new vision of reality modern movements and modern movements the beginning of the new enlightenment.
  • Spiritual New Age Wisdom - Combining Zen Buddhism with neo-shamanism and the Kabbalah society to create a new and empowering spiritual path society through life.
  • Circle of the Earth - An organization uniting mankind through intuitive art created religion and spirituality by shamanistic artists.
  • The Realm of Paradise - Exploring the prophecies of Ezekiel and Revelations, and the relationship religion and spirituality between Jesus and the Essene teachings.
  • Planet Art Network - A model for the benefit and social reconstruction of all humanity and the regeneration of the biosphere through the use of a thirteen moon calendar and an extensive peace plan.
  • The Third Testament - On the advent (the second coming of the religion and spirituality modern movements Lord), the 144000 chosen, Elijah, the prophet, the religion and spirituality modern movements paranormal, a message from virgin Mary, reincarnation and religion and spirituality modern movements past lives in the bible.
  • Kirael - From the Honolulu Church of Light. Includes details of radio society broadcasts, shift reports, photon forecast, local church listings, and online society store.
  • The Holy Order of Mephistoku - Epic poem including the fundamental concepts of both Buddhism and religion and spirituality Christianity, both Eastern and Western philosophy.
  • Studies On Life - Research and teach on the reality of the subconscious mind, the soul and the afterlife. Provides a coherent understanding of the meaning of life based entirely on personal experiences and proven facts.
  • Do Unto Others Project - Information on the Church of the Science of God.
  • One Planet United - Promoting visionary ways to unite all people in one faith. religion and spirituality Includes beliefs, newsletter, and community events.

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