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National lobby representing the interests of atheists, humanists, agnostics, freethinkers and other nontheistic Americans. Features congressional scorecards, action alerts and media center.

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The Secular Web* - Online community of nonbelievers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and tolerance.

  • Atheists Anonymous - Aims to answer questions, and provide support for society all non-believers.
  • Dave's Things To Think About - Dave Stull provides a collection of essays about contemporary theological issues from a sceptical perspective.
  • Secular Earth - A portal site for the secular humanist, atheist, religion and spirituality atheism agnostic, freethinking, skeptic and scientifically minded communities.
  • The Freethought Zone - A collection of essays which addresses misconceptions concerning society the nature of science and religion and the society beliefs of non-theists.
  • Atheist Contacts - Contact list for atheists around the world.
  • Inquisitive Atheists - Arguments about evolution vs. creationism, debunking God, Jesus, society and the Bible, as well as general atheist society information.
  • Freethinkers - News, essays, reviews, and links about religion, science and philosophy.
  • Atheist Campaign - Advertising campaign to raise the profile of atheism through innovative advocacy projects sponsored by the British Humanism Association with the message that there is probably no God.
  • Ebon Musings - The Atheism Pages - A collection of essays on atheism and theism.
  • Agnosticism/Atheism - Select, annotated links on topics of interest to atheists and society nonbelievers.
  • A Refutation of Religion - An essay in defence of an atheist-agnostic viewpoint, presented in society question and answer format.
  • Atheism Online - A portal of atheism related Internet resources featuring society forums, blogs, society a blogroll, news feeds and a society directory of atheist and society critical thought web sites.
  • True Truths - Series of essays challenging religion. Also includes links atheism and excerpts society from a book by Creighton Ainsworth.
  • Rational Response Squad - An atheist activist group dedicated to promoting critical society thinking and obliterating dogma. Features forums, videos, articles society and live chat.
  • Graveyard of the Gods - Freethinkers site with news, articles, fiction and a discussion board.
  • The Closet Atheist - Opinion pieces, statistics, reader letters, message board, and essays about atheism atheism.
  • - Book reviews, discussion list, quotes and forum about religion and spirituality atheism evolution, science, and religion.
  • The Rants of Logic - Opinions on atheism, morality, and the separation of society Church and State.
  • 4 Atheists - Offers news, links and a list of organizations.
  • Really Good News - An exploration of the basis to all forms society of spirituality from an atheist perspective.
  • We Are Alone - Atheist video collection.
  • Atheist Nation - Features atheist related videos with ratings, news stories atheism with comments, atheism a chat room, forums and links.
  • Atheism and Evolution - Book reviews, articles and responses about atheism and society evolution.
  • Positive Atheism Magazine - News, history, humor, opinion, and analysis.
  • The Skeptic's Dictionary: atheism - Definition of atheism and related links.
  • Detox - Religious recovery magazine. Atheist humor, information, and links.
  • Capella's Guide to Atheism - Biblical contradictions, list of poor arguments, and reasons why people believe in God.
  • Atheism Resources - Recommended reading, cartoons, articles and features.
  • Secular Coalition for America - National lobby representing the interests of atheists, humanists, religion and spirituality agnostics, freethinkers and other nontheistic Americans. Features congressional religion and spirituality scorecards, action alerts and media center.
  • Wasteland of Wonders: Atheism - Articles about atheism, humanism, and skepticism.

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