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Promotes rational thinking for answers to questions typically answered with God or religion. Asserts that religion is not benign and needs to be refuted.

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The Secular Web* - Portal for naturalism, non-belief in God, with online collection of submitted articles as well as news links, sales of books and merchandise, and discussion forum.

  • Reality With Bite - A collection of essays and anecdotes on encountering fundamentalism in religion and spirituality several religions, as well as violence committed in the name religion and spirituality of holiness.
  • GodLogic - Promotes rational thinking for answers to questions typically society answered with religion and spirituality God or religion. Asserts that religion society is not benign and religion and spirituality needs to be refuted.
  • God's FAQ - The only website officially sanctioned by God Himself.
  • Shamanism - A short article from the Ankerberg Theological Research opposing views Institute.
  • Revealing the Truths of Christianity and Islam - Opposition to Christianity and Islam from a Hindu religion and spirituality society perspective.
  • God Wars - General, critical overview of religion and religions worldwide.
  • Reasonable Doubts - Radio show and podcast presenting a skeptical guide society to religion society and the supernatural.
  • Jesus Christ Is the Only Way to God - Opposition to Catholicism, New Age, Judaism, paganism, atheism, opposing views Buddhism, society the "unsaved," and versions of the Bible opposing views other than society the King James.
  • Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping (False) Prophet - Essay from a Christian point of view examines religion and spirituality his life and work, concluding that he left religion and spirituality a tragic legacy as a well-meaning but misguided religion and spirituality man.
  • Cults of Unreason - A skeptical look at pseudoscientific religions, including Scientology, religion and spirituality religion and spirituality UFO cults, the Fourth Way, and Theosophy. religion and spirituality religion and spirituality 1974 book by Christopher Evans.
  • The Page of Unreason - Information about the destructive sects Scientology, Anthroposophy, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

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