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Author Scott Nelson presents excerpts from book in progress including an argument that the apostle Paul did not found the true Church.

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Leaving Christianity* - A set of links for atheists, agnostics, and former Christians, many annotated, collected by Steve Locks. With his own articles.

  • The Christian Enterprise - Explains the pagan origins of Jesus with chronology christianity of the crushing of paganism, and detailed history christianity of the use of torture and the extermination christianity of witches during the Inquisition.
  • People of the Holy Testament Archive - More than fifty articles on subjects such as christianity deceptive clergy, Biblical errancy, and the Vatican.
  • De-conversion - Blog and forum that critically, but respectfully, addresses christianity issues with opposing views Christianity and religion. Aimed at skeptical, christianity de-converting and former Christians.
  • Trinity Foundation, Inc. - Christian organization investigates and reports on fraud in christianity religious ministries including televangelism, with extensive links to christianity news items.
  • Even If I Did Believe... - Californian, Gnostic priest and neo-pagan Tim Maroney offers 1984 essay disputing the morality of the Christian God.
  • The Unacceptable Cost of Religious Superstition - Brief page detailing the deaths of three children christianity because their christianity parents\' religious beliefs caused them to christianity withhold medical treatment.
  • Secular E-Mail Lists and Discussion Groups - Carefully annotated links to more than twenty forums for ex-Christians opposing views and others pursuing secularism.
  • Christianity Meme - Christianity examined from the perspective of memetics, the religion and spirituality opposing views study of viruses of the human mind. With religion and spirituality opposing views related articles by Don Baker, Richard Baker, and religion and spirituality opposing views others.
  • Thomas Paine Archive - Online text of selected writings from the deist religion and spirituality opposing views who helped inspire the American Revolution, including "The religion and spirituality opposing views Age of Reason," which debunks the Bible.
  • Some Thoughts About Theology - Contributed essays ranging from serious analysis to satirical profanity, with a brief annotated bibliography.
  • The Commentaries of a 21st Century Heretic - In a collection of essays, Mark R. Braun, religion and spirituality religion and spirituality a Christian who chose "the highway" instead of religion and spirituality religion and spirituality "my way," comments against intolerance, exclusivism, and the religion and spirituality religion and spirituality agenda of the religious right, with link to religion and spirituality religion and spirituality his book of the same title.
  • The Rejection of Pascal's Wager - Argues the thesis "The major claims of Christianity christianity are demonstrably religion and spirituality untrue and, on balance, it has christianity brought more harm than religion and spirituality good to the world."
  • Losing My Religion - Ex-Christians Emery and Russ present dozens of essays christianity supporting those who leave the Christian faith along christianity with FAQ, letters in support and opposition, and christianity links to a selection of similar sites.
  • Benefit of the Doubt - Essays by Dave LF, a 2004 graduate of religion and spirituality christianity a conservative Christian university, discuss how and why religion and spirituality christianity he left Christianity.
  • Quotes from Ex-Christians - A page of quotes from ex-Christians, both signed and unsinged christianity and some with links, concerning deconversion and related topics.
  • Yeshua (Jesus) and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity - Author Scott Nelson presents excerpts from book in progress including an argument that the apostle Paul did not found the true Church.
  • Atheist Divine: Criticising Christianity - Aims to point out the absurdities, inaccuracies and religion and spirituality religion and spirituality deficiencies of the Christian religion.
  • Truth Be Known - Classically educated author Acharya S offers links to numerous articles christianity critical of Christianity and religion in general.
  • Antipas Exposed - Offers criticism of Antipas Ministries.
  • "Anti-Christianity" and Who-Hates-Who? - An essay on Christian hate by Isaac Bonewits.
  • Departure: Relinquishing the Christian Mythos - Dale Cannon offers alternate translations of passages such as the christianity Sermon on the Mount, with non-theistic philosophy based on the christianity Golden Rule.
  • Celsus, the First Nietzsche: Resentment and the Case Against Christianity - University of Michigan English professor Thomas F. Bertonneau religion and spirituality compares the critique of Christianity by 2nd century religion and spirituality writer Celsus to the anti-Christianism of Nietzschie. From religion and spirituality Anthropoetics, The Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology, Summer religion and spirituality 1997.
  • Roman Piso Homepage - Roman Piso asserts the New Testament was written opposing views by christianity the Piso family, and that Arrius Piso opposing views was the christianity real name of Flavius Josephus. With opposing views extensive links and christianity many pages of text.
  • My Spiritual Journey - The personal story of how one young man opposing views "got saved" in his teens, grew more committed opposing views to Christianity, struggled with doubts, and eventually left.
  • Skeptics Corner - Louis M. Cable offers series of articles on christianity subjects such as the apostles Peter and Paul, christianity the Book of Mormon, and whether Jesus ever christianity lived.
  • No Longer a Christian - essay by Karen Cobb, a former Christian religion and spirituality and freelance writer and artist from Santa Fe, religion and spirituality New Mexico, centers on opposition to the religious religion and spirituality right.
  • God is Imaginary - Fifty simple proofs to show that God doesn\\'t exist. Also opposing views includes a forum, blog, videos and cartoons.
  • - Extensive site with news items, submitted testimonies, discussion opposing views forums, christianity videos, rants, and links.
  • - More than one hundred personal accounts submitted by former Christians, sortable by location, reason for leaving, and former belief or denomination.

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