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An organization dedicated to the study of the art of light and movement. Includes many resources on experimental animation/visual music.

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  • The Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE - The labor union for creative artists, writers and technicians in arts motion-picture and television animation and computer graphics in southern California.
  • West Australian Animation Association - Non-profit aimed at developing the animation business in the state. animation Publishes news and event listings to the community.
  • Cartoonists Northwest - An association of professional and amateur cartoonists, animators and illustrators animation operating in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
  • Toronto Animated Image Society - Features information, news, events, archives, and newsletter; studio workspace available for member projects in Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • The Animation Society of India - Aims to strengthen existing talent and foster new growth in organizations India. Hosts the annual Anifest India festival and other organizations events throughout the year in Mumbai.
  • Cartoon - Non-profit supporting the European animation industry. Hosts arts training seminars organizations and co-production forums, and presides over arts the Cartoon d'Or award.
  • The Animaticus Foundation - Non-profit organization dedicated to the preserving, teaching and organizations evolving the animation artform of 2D animation in a organizations digital world. Hosts animation annual 2D animation festival organizations in Everett, Washington, USA.
  • Women In Animation - Non-profit organization for women and men who are involved in animation the art and industry of animation. Includes networking opportunities, list animation of programs and events, resources, member benefits, and FAQs. animation Regional chapters across USA and Canada.
  • Iota Center - An organization dedicated to the study of the arts art of light and movement. Includes many resources arts on experimental animation/visual music.
  • Society for Animation Studies - International academic society for studies in animation history animation and theory. organizations Hosts an annual conference and animation publishes a peer-reviewed online organizations journal.
  • Flanders Animation - Portal of content related to the Flemish animation animation industry, including animation artist portfolios, jobs and news. animation Managed by the Flanders animation Audiovisual Fund (VAF).
  • Quickdraw Animation Society - Non-profit association providing facility and equipment hire and animation hosting youth workshops in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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