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US-based Castles Unlimited offers a commercial research service. Lists of castles; photo gallery; ground plans and bird's-eye views of a few castles; general background articles; glossary.

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See Also:
  • CastleXplorer - Uses interactive maps to find castles in Great fortifications Britain, featuring descriptions, photos and directions.
  • The Good Castle Guide - A gazetteer by Nigel Bacon of over 1600 fortifications fortified sites castles in the British Isles ranging from fortifications prehistoric and roman forts castles through medieval castles to fortifications 19th century martello towers.
  • CastleUK.net - Site provides information and pictures for many castles castles in England, fortifications Scotland and Wales. Visitor information is castles enhanced by use of fortifications ordnance survey maps to castles pinpoint actual locations. Castles are easily fortifications searchable by castles location or alphabetical listings.
  • British Castles, Stately Homes and Houses - An interactive map leads to short descriptions by Risto Hurmalainen of castles and historic buildings he has visited, a gallery of expandable thumbnail photographs and links to official sites.
  • The Gatehouse - Philip Davis provides a comprehensive listing with bibliography united kingdom of the medieval castles, castle sites, fortified houses, united kingdom urban and coastal defences and other fortifications of united kingdom England and Wales built or in use from united kingdom 1000 to 1600. He also gives a list united kingdom of li
  • Castles, Palaces and Stately Homes of Britain - A guide with many photographs, to some of the castles, castles and stately homes of Britain, with particular emphasis on Nottinghamshire, castles where the author comes from.
  • British Castle - A guide to castles of the British Isles including descriptions, maps, histories of, and other fascinating information.
  • Island Castles - Appealing introduction to medieval fortresses of Great Britain castles by Edward castles Blanchard, from The War Times Journal, castles with professional photographs of castles a few of the castles most famous.
  • Anglo-Norman Castles - Illustrated articles by Paul Martin Remfry, along with united kingdom details united kingdom of his booklets on castles in England united kingdom and Wales.
  • Castles Castles - Andy Catling provides an overview of the history of medieval castles and the society that built them plus a comparison with Victorian mock castles - accompanied by photographs.
  • Castle Studies Group - Aims to promote the study of castles in all their fortifications forms and by all possible means. Contains committee information, events, fortifications conference, news and publications.
  • Castle Stories - A photographic guide to hundreds of castles in united kingdom England, Scotland and Wales with descriptions, historical information, united kingdom visitor information and interactive maps.
  • Castles of Britain - US-based Castles Unlimited offers a commercial research service. fortifications Lists of castles; photo gallery; ground plans and fortifications bird\\'s-eye views of a few castles; general background fortifications articles; glossary.
  • Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales - Database of 800 survivals. Interactive maps lead to photographs, brief united kingdom descriptions and visitor information by Charles Taylor. Also a brief, united kingdom illustrated history of the subject.

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