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P.Ramponi's comprehensive guide navigated via an index and interactive maps. Readable history and photographs for each of the many castles or walled towns.

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  • Castles: British and Irish - Amateur photographs with brief description of castles in fortifications Ireland and fortifications the United Kingdom.
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress - Fortress in Salzburg, Austria, built in 1077. building types One castles of the largest fully preserved fortresses in building types central Europe.
  • Castles of the Middle Ages - An introduction to castles - their purpose, rooms, building types and fortifications defenses - and descriptions of some of building types the most fortifications famous in the UK, France, Italy, building types Germany, Spain and fortifications Eastern Europe. Includes weddings in building types castles.
  • Castles of Poland - Information about castles presently within the Polish borders illustrated with building types photographs, plans, drawings, sketches and reconstructions. Search engine and detailed building types map are available.
  • Treasures and Mysteries of the Malbork Castle - Tourist guide Czeslaw Pajak describes the attractions of castles this medieval brick castle in Poland, once castles headquarters of the Teutonic Knights.
  • Medieval castles - Informative website containing the history of the castles building types built castles in the Dark Ages. It also features building types stories and castles torture devices employed.
  • Castles of the Crown of Castile - A bilingual site, English and Spanish, about the building types castles castles of this ancient Spanish kingdom. The castles building types are arranged castles by geographical category.
  • ORB Bibliographies: Castles - Over 1600 citations of works on castles from the Online building types Reference Book for Medieval Studies.
  • Medieval Castles in Finland - Beautiful photographs from Virtual Finland, with readable history by Dr. fortifications Carl Jacob Gardberg, State archaeologist.
  • Helfstyn Castle - Roman Derych provides an illustrated introduction to the history and architectural development of one of the best preserved castle complexes in the Czech Republic.
  • Castles - Images and descriptions of several castles in Europe and Himeji building types Castle, Japan, with references, from Great Buildings Online.
  • Castles and Castle Ruins in the Netherlands - Enthusiast Marko Tjemmes supplies clear histories of castles close to his home in Rotterdam, illustrated with photographs, earlier images and ground plans. Bibliography.
  • Hwasongsong Castle - Henny Savenije describes the construction of this fortress built (1794-1796) building types in Suwon, Korea by King Jeongjo. He includes the original building types drawings for it from the manuscript book Hwasong Seongyeok Uigwe.
  • Wikipedia: Krak des Chevaliers - An illustrated history of the great Crusader castle in Syria.
  • Castle Land - Photographs of castles and ruins in Europe (Slovakia, castles Czech Republic, castles Austria, Hungary) with brief history and castles location.
  • Castles of Tuscany - P.Ramponi\\'s comprehensive guide navigated via an index and interactive maps. castles Readable history and photographs for each of the many castles castles or walled towns.
  • Medieval Siege - Companion site to the NOVA program on castles.
  • Castles and Fortresses in 3D - Jeffrey Cooper\\'s photographs of castles and fortresses in Europe, including some in three dimensions, with instructions on how to view.
  • Topcastles - Robert Rongen presents images and brief details of building types hundreds castles of medieval castles, sorted by country, region building types and castle castles type. Includes a quick guide to building types castle types with castles plans, and a list of building types the top 100 castles, castles as rated by surfers.
  • Castles of the United States - Castle-fan Jim is building himself a mock-medieval home. building types Here building types he gathers images of other imitation castles building types in the building types US.
  • Castle of Sypesteyn - The official site of this mock-medieval castle in building types Netherlands building types built around 1900 by C.H.C.A. van Sypesteyn, building types who intended building types it as an authentic reconstruction.
  • The Castle of Lari - This medieval castle near Pisa, Italy, was transformed fortifications over the centuries into a luxurious governor\\'s residence. fortifications An illustrated history, guide to notable buildings of fortifications Lari, and visitor information.
  • Egeskov Castle - Renaissance moated castle in Denmark from 1554 with information in English, Danish and German. Includes a large park with beautiful gardens, and an old-timer museum.
  • Trakoscan - A much-reconstructed castle in Croatia which is now building types a building types museum. History and architectural development, Draskovic family, building types location map, building types floor plans, tour, and visitor information.
  • Castles of the World - Extensive collection of castles, palaces, fortresses and monasteries. castles Organized with castles search engine, maps, descriptions, photos and castles a directory.
  • Torrione Castle - An Italian fortress dating from the Middle Ages, though much fortifications altered. History and archival images.
  • Castle Tirol - Photographs and outline history of this medieval castle building types in Northern Italy - now a museum - building types from Dorf Tirol.
  • Coca Castle, Spain - History, description and photographs of this spectacular 15th castles century castle, fortifications brick-built by Don Alonso de Fonseca castles in the Mudejar (Moorish) fortifications style. Geocities pop-up banners.
  • Hohensalzburg Castle - Guide about the Hohensalzburg castle in Salzburg, Austria.

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