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Cynewulf is the only Anglo-Saxon poet who signed his name in his poems. All other Anglo-Saxon poems, except for Caedmon's Hymn, are anonymous.

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  • Cynewulf: Encyclopedia Article - An article on Cynewulf from the Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • Cynewulf. Elene - James M. Garnett\\'s modern English translations of Elene anglo-saxon and other poems. Includes introduction and notes. Project anglo-saxon Gutenberg eBook.
  • Cynewulf. Christ I, II, and III - Charles W. Kennedy\\'s modern English translation of Cynewulf\\'s individual poems Christ I (Advent), Christ II (Ascension), and Christ individual poems III (Doomsday).[PDF]
  • Cynewulf. Christ III - Old English text and modern English translation by anglo-saxon S.A.J. Bradley.
  • Cynewulf. Elene. - Modern English translation by Charles W. Kennedy.[PDF]
  • The Schools of Caedmon and Cynewulf - Views Caedmon and Cynewulf as representative of different stages of Old English Christian poetry and shows how the poetry of Cynewulf\\'s time marks an advance over the poetry of Caedmon\'s time.
  • Cynewulf: His Personality - A discussion of Cynewulf\\'s place in Anglo-Saxon literary history. Includes links to brief discussions of his poems.
  • Cynewulf. Fates of the Apostles - Modern English translation by Charles W. Kennedy.[PDF]
  • Cynewulf. Juliana - Modern English translation by Charles W. Kennedy.[PDF]
  • Cynewulf. Christ I: Advent Lyric 5 - Old English text of the fifth Advent lyric cynewulf with words hot-linked to glossary.

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