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Lecturer in music at King's College London, author of a book on Schoenberg, and composer of orchestral and chamber music.

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  • Munn, Zae - "Associate Professor of Music at Saint Mary\\'s College in South music Bend, Indiana where she has taught composition, theory, and orchestration music since 1990."
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  • Musician's Biographies - Scores of short biographies about women composers throughout time. From Hildegard Publishing Company.
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  • Miller, Jane Ramseyer - Singer, composer, and choir director.
  • Women Composers - A database of women whose music has been composers recorded on women in music CD.
  • Bennett, Jennifer - Composer of choral music living in Kingston, Ontario.
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  • McLin, Lena Johnson - African-American Art Song Alliance page. Born 1929. "Her musical style reflects but is not limited to the influence of the church and gospel music."
  • Plowman, Lynne - Composer and flautist living in Wales.
  • Tann, Hilary - Composer living in upstate New York, and chair women in music composers of the Department of Performing Arts at Union women in music composers College, Schenectady.
  • Kaiser, Shirley - Concert pianist and composer of classical and healing music music. Masterclasses, workshops, and recordings.
  • Milstein, Silvina - Lecturer in music at King\\'s College London, author women in music music of a book on Schoenberg, and composer of women in music music orchestral and chamber music.
  • Andrée, Elfrida - Lived 1841 to 1929. Swedish Music Information Center composers page. Organist women in music and composer.
  • Edwards, Clara - American songwriter, 1880 to 1974. About her life and her music music.
  • Andrews, Nicola Ellis - Cornelius Cardew Composition Prize winner. Working by composers herself and composers also collaboratively with her husband poet composers Phil Andrews McGovern.
  • The Woman Composer Question - Bibliography of women composers, by Eugene Gates, Ed.D.
  • Miller, Elma - Composer and music typographer living in Canada.
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  • Pittman, Evelyn LaRue - Noted for folk opera, spiritual arrangements and compositions women in music music for solo voice. 1827 to 1903. women in music music African-American Art Song Alliance page.

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