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The self indulgent home page of a television historian, sound designer, musique concrete mixer, writer of comedy and drama, performer and doodler.

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  • Jean-Marc Lofficier - Official Site of Jean-Marc Lofficier, author of a number of authors Doctor Who books.
  • Simon A. Forward - Official site for this writer. Includes details of published works, works in progress, as well as online exclusives.
  • Howe's Who - The homepages of Doctor Who historian and reference authors book author David J. Howe
  • Guy Clapperton - Freelance journalist and broadcaster.
  • Mark Michalowski - Mark Michalowski's official website.
  • Mark Stevens - Official site of Mark Stevens, writer of Doctor Who and books Bernice Summerfield fiction.
  • Moosifer Jones Lair - Mags L Halliday\\'s official website. Includes details of doctor who her authors fiction and non-fiction work.
  • Marty's Web Pages - The home page of Martin Day, a freelance books author in authors the UK.
  • Steve Emmerson - Steve Emmerson's official website.
  • Ian Potter - The self indulgent home page of a television doctor who historian, authors sound designer, musique concrete mixer, writer of doctor who comedy and authors drama, performer and doodler.
  • Peter Anghelides - Contains information about published and unpublished writing by doctor who Peter books Anghelides.
  • - The official web site of Keith R.A. DeCandido.
  • - Official website of Alex Leithes.

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