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Listing of clinical research trials, information about physicians and medical centers performing clinical research and drug therapies newly approved by the FDA.

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Clinical Connection Clinical Trials* - Find clinical trials that are currently recruiting participants and be notified of new clinical trials in your area.
CenterWatch: Clinical Trials Listing Service* - Listing of clinical research trials, information about physicians and medical centers performing clinical research and drug therapies newly approved by the FDA.
ClinicalTrials.Gov* - Searchable database which provides patients, family members and the public with information about current ongoing clinical research studies. From the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

  • MGH and BWH: Research Study Volunteer Program - Joint program by two Boston teaching hospitals to clinical trials sign pharmaceuticals potential subjects to their registry for future clinical trials clinical trials pharmaceuticals participation.
  • FAST-MAG - Stroke treatment trial that studies paramedic initiation of magnesium sulfate.
  • Clinical Trials Summit - Details about a professional meeting for senior level biotechnology and pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical executives.
  • Parexel: Clinical Trials - Publicly traded contract research organization offers opportunity to products evaluation participate pharmaceuticals in its trials.
  • Guinea Pigs Get Paid - Get paid to volunteer for medical trials and various other pharmaceuticals research studies.
  • GlaxoSmithKline: Clinical Trials - Search the related clinical trials database.
  • Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development - Independent non-profit research group affiliated with Tufts University offers analyses and commentary on pharmaceutical issues.
  • Women and Health Research: Ethical and Legal Issues of Including Women in Clinical Studies, Volume 1 - Complete text of the book that examines the clinical trials facts pharmaceuticals behind the public\\'s perceptions about women participating clinical trials as subjects pharmaceuticals in medical research.
  • Healogica - Clinical Trials 2.0 - Healogica is a web-based service that connects patients and clinical clinical trials trial opportunities.
  • Hong Kong Clinical Trials Register - Provides updated information about clinical research in human pharmaceuticals volunteers.
  • Just Another Lab Rat - Website devoted to Phase I clinical trials and the healthy pharmaceuticals volunteers that participate in them.
  • BioTrax - Agency for volunteers for clinical trials shows joining details, FAQs products evaluation about trials, and contact details.
  • OsNET - A Florida-based clinical trials research network that includes pharmaceuticals investigators in rheumatology, endocrinology, women\'s health, and internal pharmaceuticals medicine.
  • Discover Research - Current trials list may include studies on hypertension, products evaluation migraine products evaluation headaches, heart failure, and diabetes. Located in products evaluation Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Everest II: Mitral Regurgitation - Industry sponsored Phase II clinical trial evaluating a clinical trials catheter-based clinical trials technique for cardiac valve repair.
  • Amgen Clinical Trials - Information about ongoing research with these drug agents.
  • The Carolina Center for Clinical Trials - Information on the organization established to support industry-sponsored clinical trials clinical research at the University of North Carolina clinical trials School of Medicine.
  • HealthandAge: Clinical Trials - Collection of articles prepared for the Novartis Foundation for Gerontology by an intern.
  • Dolby Research LLC - Contract research organization providing clinical trial services and products evaluation products clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device products evaluation industries.
  • Drug Development Solutions - Offers paid opportunities for clinical trial volunteer subjects. Located in Dundee, Scotland.
  • Search Clinical Trials - Search multiple clinical trial listing web-sites, trial results clinical trials and clinical trials research news. Locate currently enrolling trials by clinical trials zip code clinical trials and radius willing to travel. No clinical trials registration required.
  • Midwest Clinical Research Center - Overview of the activities of this facility which clinical trials examines products evaluation new medications for use in psychiatric disorders. clinical trials Affiliated with products evaluation the Samaritan North Health Center as clinical trials located in Dayton, products evaluation Ohio.
  • EnterTrials UK - Provides information, FAQs, and searchable listings for volunteers to apply direct to all types of clinical and medical trials, and research studies (Phase I-IV).
  • Covance Clinical Research Unit - Provides information about volunteering to help develop new products evaluation treatments for a variety of conditions.
  • TrialSearch: HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Directory - Searchable database of currently enrolling studies.
  • Novartis Clinical Trials - Details ongoing studies sponsored by this pharmaceutical company. Includes aids clinical trials such as a glossary, FAQ, discussion of informed consent, and clinical trials disease information.
  • Current Controlled Trials - Meta-register of worldwide clinical studies.
  • WHO : International Clinical Trials Registry Platform Search Portal - Enables users to search a central database that products evaluation contains the trial registration data sets provided by products evaluation clinical trials registers to the World Health Organization.
  • Get Research Smart - Human subject and clinical research resource for prospective products evaluation participants.
  • Malaria Vaccine Clinical Trials UK - Details an initiative that uses volunteers for vaccines pharmaceuticals developed for products evaluation the prevention of malaria and tuberculosis.
  • Connecticut Coastal Research - Specializes in women's healthcare pharmaceutical trials.
  • Ardent Clinical Trials - Multi-site hospital organization provides information on clinical research, trial sites pharmaceuticals and FDA Drug approvals.
  • Clinical Trials Search - Searchable listing of experimental studies.
  • PharmaCommunity, Inc. Clinical Resources and Solutions - Welcome to PharmaCommunity, Inc., an online resource where researchers and clinical trials healthcare providers can connect and share ideas.
  • Acurian - Patient recruitment solutions for the clinical trials industry.
  • Trials4us - Paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers: Trials4us recruit pharmaceuticals healthy volunteers clinical trials to take part in paid medical pharmaceuticals trials and clinical drug clinical trials trials in the London pharmaceuticals area.
  • Depression Clinical Trial at - Learn more about a nationwide clinical trial for clinical trials depression and determine if you are eligible.
  • Numoda Corporation - Clinical trial and drug development products and services clinical trials for products evaluation pharmaceutical research. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Healthy Volunteers - Pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca is looking for healthy volunteers to help test its drugs under development.
  • Clinical Trials in Spine Medicine - Information about current studies for the treatment of clinical trials back pharmaceuticals and neck pain, and related conditions.
  • Lilly Clinical Trials - Designed to provide information about active Eli Lilly pharmaceuticals and Company products evaluation studies.
  • Clinical Research Forum - Clinical research forum is a portal for clinical pharmaceuticals research discussion about jobs, training, news, and clinical pharmaceuticals trial updates.
  • MedTrials UK - Puts volunteers in contact with study investigators and clinical trials clinical pharmaceuticals research organizations that oversee medical research studies.
  • Scientific Medical Research - Information about this Florida based site organization offering products evaluation access clinical trials to current neurological and neuropsychiatric clinical trials.
  • - Clinical trial service which offers studies in various clinical trials disease categories to patient populations.
  • Clinical Trial Results - Select results can be downloaded as Powerpoint slides.
  • Trial Results-center - TrialResults-center is a searchable database that provides systematic clinical trials review clinical trials and meta-analysis of clinical trials in cardiology
  • Dr. Women's Health Clinical Trials - Find out about clinical trials for women and pharmaceuticals how to products evaluation participate.
  • Drugs On Trial - Provides access to information about a number of products evaluation ongoing products evaluation clinical trials.
  • Canada Trials - Profiles of Canadian clinical research centers, including a pharmaceuticals searchable listing of clinical trials and investigator profiles. pharmaceuticals Some features require registration.
  • Clinical Trials Centre HKU - Academic research organization for clinical trials located in pharmaceuticals Hong Kong.
  • Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation - An independent nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the pharmaceuticals public about the clinical research process and its pharmaceuticals importance to public health.
  • HIV Vaccine Trials Network - Gives information about the function and activities of the entity. Some clinical trials are listed; also provides links to resources containing information about other related trials.
  • Clinical Trial Network - Provides a searchable database of clinical investigators to pharmaceuticals sponsor companies, products evaluation CROs, and individuals looking to participate pharmaceuticals in clinical trials.
  • AIDSinfo - World-wide resources about trials in study against acquired immune deficiency pharmaceuticals syndrome.
  • TriangleTrials - Search for clinical trials in the Research Triangle pharmaceuticals area of North Carolina.
  • International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) - The mission of the WHO Registry Platform is clinical trials to ensure that a complete view of research clinical trials is accessible to all those involved in health clinical trials care decision making. This will improve research transparency clinical trials and will ultimately strengthen the validity and value clinical trials of the

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