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Request For Comments (RFC) documents are a series of notes about the Internet. Each RFC is assigned a unique number, and once published is not modified.

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See Also:
  • RFCUtil - Perl script allowing access to RFCs by number and full-text rfcs search of all documents. It features command line switches to rfcs spawn lynx or w3m to view the RFC, dump to rfcs file for offline viewing, or mailing to an address.
  • RFC Search - A search engine for locating RFC's and Internet-Drafts.
  • RFC-Editor - Contains RFC news, search feature, details of the internet RFC-Online Project, rfcs and ASCII and PDF versions of internet all documents.
  • RFC Index - Index of all Requests for Comments.
  • RFC Viewer - An RFC browsing utility for networking program and internet protocol developers.
  • RFC Ref - Repository of RFC\\'s in hyperlinked, colorful HTML format; internet table of computers contents appears in separate frame.

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