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A nonprofit technical assistance group helping volunteers, schools, and nonprofits work together to solve computer problems. Information about the services for volunteers, nonprofits, and schools.

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  • Technology for Churches - Online resource for finding ways to use technology computers for church services. A Technology and media guide computers for churches.
  • TechFoundation - Technology philanthropy for nonprofits. Grant information, IT seminars, discount software organizations and other resources aimed at bridging the digital divide for organizations nonprofits.
  • Campus - Community - Corporate Partnership - CCC Partnership is a consortium of organizations dedicated organizations to providing non-profit computer access and training, Internet connectivity, organizations and technical support services. non-profit Includes activities that support organizations youth and parents obtaining educational opportunities non-profit to eliminat
  • Progressive Technology Project - Seeks to raise the scope and scale of technology resources available to grassroots organizations working for progressive social change.
  • Southern Maryland Applied Research and Technology Consortium, Inc. (SMARTCO) - Recycles and donates computer equipment to those without organizations means to computers afford them.
  • NPower - Helps non-profits use technology to better serve their computers communities, by organizations providing integrated technology services including planning, computers consulting, training and support. organizations Includes success stories, online computers resources, and information about how to organizations get involved.
  • Confluence - Confluence provides technology support services exclusively to nonprofit non-profit organizations.
  • Athena Alliance - An organization dedicated to public education on the non-profit emerging global non-profit information economy. Deals with challenges non-profit posed by technology on non-profit the problems of communities-left-behind non-profit and at risk through workshops, research non-profit activities, publications, non-profit reports and p
  • Foundation - This foundation utilizes information technologies as a tool computers to aid non-profit progress and development in various countries. computers Some examples are to non-profit bring education to remote computers locations, expand and enhance medical resources non-profit and research computers capacity.
  • Sustain IT - A non profit research centre that conducts research on, and organizations provides best practice examples of using technology for sustainable development organizations in communities.
  • San Diego Futures Foundation - The Foundation provides computer donations and technical services organizations to improve computers the futures of San Diego County\\'s organizations underserved kids, teens, seniors, computers veterans, disabled, and other organizations community members.They also provide access to computers technology resources organizations and training.
  • Geeks Without Borders - A nonprofit that provides recycled computers, training and tech-support to non-profit educators, community leaders and medical personnel.
  • National Urban Technology Center - Focused on providing technology access and education for computers youth and adults in underserved communities, this nonprofit computers promotes learning, academic performance, and workforce preparation.
  • Computers Assisting People - Refurbishes and repairs donated computer equipment, and then provides it, free of charge, to non-profit organizations in the Cleveland area.
  • Technology for Social Change - Based in Boston\\'s Roxbury neighborhood this non profit organizations provides recycled non-profit computers, services of skilled volunteers, and organizations computer training to nonprofit non-profit groups in Massachusetts and organizations around the world.
  • National Cristina Foundation - Charitable organization that directs donations of used and computers surplus computer technology to non profits and public computers agencies throughout the United States and globally.
  • Free Geek - A Portland based non profit that provides free organizations computers and computers education to those in need through organizations the reuse and recycling computers of old computers in organizations exchange for community service.
  • Public Technology, Inc. - Non-profit national technology organization dedicated to furthering the computers use of organizations technology in both cities and counties, computers for both elected officials organizations and professional managers.
  • Alliance for Public Technology - A coalition of public interest groups and individuals whose goal is to foster broad access to affordable, usable information, communication services and technology for disadvantaged communities.
  • Computer Researchers Association in the Philippines - The CRAP Organization is a non-profit organization that organizations provides training computers programs and educational activities powered by organizations Computer Generalist students in computers different schools and places.
  • TechReuse - A program which refurbishes and redistributes donated computers computers in Eastern Ontario.
  • The Association for Community Networking - An educational organization dedicated to fostering and supporting non-profit "community networking" non-profit by assisting and connecting people, organizations, non-profit encouraging research and influencing non-profit policy.
  • ONE/Northwest - Online Networking for The Environment - ONE/Northwest is a non-profit supporting the environment and grass roots non-profit organizations through the use of technology.
  • Center for Computer Redistribution, Inc. - A nonprofit volunteer organization refurbishing donated personal computers computers to be computers given away free to persons disabled computers or disadvantaged. Working to computers improve their quality of computers life by utilizing technological resources of computers the community.
  • Air-Stream - A nonprofit organization formed to enable creation of non-profit a wireless community network in Adelaide (South Australia) non-profit and provides members with the capability to use non-profit video conferencing, computer support and file sharing.
  • CompuMentor - A nonprofit technical assistance group helping volunteers, schools, non-profit and nonprofits organizations work together to solve computer non-profit problems. Information about organizations the services for volunteers, non-profit nonprofits, and schools.
  • CLUE Linux Centre - Established by the Canadian Linux Users\\' Exchange (CLUE), non-profit the CLUE non-profit Linux Centre is the world\\'s first non-profit permanent Linux centre. A non-profit nonprofit, community organization, it non-profit provides computers to students and is non-profit a showcase non-profit and research centre for all things Linux.
  • Community Technology Center Network - A national association of more than 1000 diverse community technology centers. CTCNet helps its members enhance their services by providing technical assistance and facilitating collaborative relationships at the grassroots level.
  • World Summit Award - The World Summit on the Information Society, recognizing non-profit creative use organizations of interactive digital media in content non-profit and diversity.
  • Internet Education Foundation - Non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and non-profit policymakers about organizations the potential of a decentralized global non-profit Internet to promote democracy, organizations communications, and commerce.
  • FamilyNet International Inc. - A resource for independent Baptist Churches. A BBS resource, internet organizations access and utilities. Free Bible correspondence courses are offered in organizations addition to other online services.
  • First Baptist Church Computer C.A.F.E. - An organization that seeks to spread technological knowledge and empowerment computers to church members and the community through technology training.
  • Central Valley Digital Network - The digital network provides access, resources, and assists non-profit in building organizations the technology infrastructure of selected organizations non-profit and agencies.
  • Technology Access Foundation - A nonprofit organization that works with both youth and adults organizations in computer training.
  • CompuCorps Mentoring - Recruits computer volunteers as mentors to help nonprofits computers with their computers and the internet. They are computers also developing virtual mentoring pilots to support nonprofits computers with internet tools.
  • Digital Links International - IT For Development - A charity that provides affordable access to technology for people in developing countries through the responsible recycling of computer hardware and training.
  • Empowerment Through Learning Information Technology - eLIT is a non profit organization that teaches non-profit basic computing organizations skills to socially¬† and economically disadvantaged non-profit women and children.
  • Digital Promise - Digital Promise is a non-profit dedicated to promoting non-profit and expanding computers access to computer technology in low-income non-profit housing communities.
  • Computer Angels Inc. - A volunteer organization which aims to make technology accessible promoting computers and encouraging computer literacy throughout the community in West Australian computers to make practical use of information and communications technologies.
  • Computers For Charities - Computers for Charities operates educational projects in schools computers to vocational computers projects in Prisons. Computers are recycled, computers used or sold to computers for fundraising.
  • Romania Virtuala - A non-profit virtual organization whose main purpose is organizations to propagate the use of the internet throughout organizations Romania and Romanian speaking communities.
  • Alliance for Community Technology (ACT) - A strategic partnership between the W. K. Kellogg organizations Foundation and organizations the University of Michigan through its organizations new School of Information. organizations The mission of organizations the ACT is to lead in organizations advancing the organizations use of computing and communication technology globally to organizations organizations serve people (
  • Networks And Development Foundation - A non-governmental organization dedicated to the dissemination of new information and communication technologies (NICT) in developing countries, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • The Computer Technology Documentation Project - A group of volunteers working to provide documentation for learning and reference for various technologies. Also this organization helps to make technical educational materials available to those who cannot afford it.
  • Community Technology Foundation of California - Social justice, equity, and access through community technology organizations and diverse social change initiatives in underserved communities.
  • Another Byte - Computer recycling, education and reuse for nonprofits. Online discussions on social and environmental issues around recycling. Building a network of non-profit recyclers, donors, volunteers, and others.

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