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OpenGL Benchmarks provide a way to measure either how good a particular OpenGL software implementation is, or measure how good the underlying hardware running OpenGL is.

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  • SPECopc Group - Develops Benchmarks for Systems Based on the OpenGL benchmarks API.
  • MASMO OpenGL Benchmarks - Visual Basic benchmarks for Windows; includes source.
  • Broadwell's SDL Trislam Benchmark - Source code for benchmarking SDL\\'s OpenGL library. benchmarks Compares triangles, libraries tri-strips, quads, quad-strips and vertex arrays.
  • VideoGL1 OpenGL Benchmarks - Roy Longbottom\\'s PC benchmark Collection. Compares OpenGL performance on various GPUs.
  • OpenGL VBO Benchmarks - Benchmarks comparing OpenGL Display Lists and VertexBuffer Object opengl benchmarks. libraries Includes graphs.
  •'s Benchmark Resources - Overview and description of common OpenGL benchmark standards.
  • GL O.B.S. - Python-based OpenGL benchmarking tool. Requires: SCons, Python, GTK2, PyGTK, libraries SQlite, PySQLite, OpenGL headers and libraries, SDL, SDL_image.
  • POGL Multi-language Benchmarks - Compares OpenGL performance on C, Perl and Python opengl - on benchmarks Windows, Fedora and Ubuntu. Includes source opengl code.
  • NVShaderPerf - Command line utility that reports shader performance metrics. opengl DirectX and opengl OpenGL shaders written in HLSL for opengl NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU
  • GLBenchmark - Mobile OpenGL ES Benchmark - Featuring JBenchmark, for Java ME. Includes OpenGL libraries benchmarks for opengl various cellphones.
  • OpenGL Performance on Windows Vista vs XP - An article on describing Vista\\'s OpenGL architecture opengl and benchmarks opengl comparing XP vs Vista.
  • OpenGL Performance Tips - Microsoft's documentation for optimising OpenGL performance.
  • OpenGL Geometry Benchmark - Compares geometry lighting and shading performance on various libraries GPUs. opengl Includes source and Windows binaries.
  • glean - An open source benchmarking tool used to measure and compare the underlying hardware of OpenGL implementations. (MIT/X Consortium License)

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