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  • POGL - Perl OpenGL module; supports optimized array and image handling. opengl Includes latest downloads, tutorials, source code, benchmarks and a gallery.
  • OpenGL for Java - Maps the complete OpenGL 1.2 API and the complete GLU language bindings 1.2 API to Java. Implements window handle functions (native and language bindings java) with the Java native interface (JNI) or the JDirect language bindings interface of MS-JVM.
  • FreeBASIC - An open source BASIC programming language for DOS, Windows and opengl Linux that supports C pointers and most standard C libraries, opengl including OpenGL. Releases, links to forums, documentation and gallery.
  • PyOpenGL - The Python OpenGL binding
  • HOpenGL - Haskell is a "purely-functional" programming language; HOpenGL is language bindings an OpenGL language binding for the Haskell language. language bindings Includes latest releases, documentation, screen shots and language bindings source code in both C and Haskell.
  • Doris - Lua scripted OpenGL with GUI. Lua is a fast, language bindings powerful, easy to embed language.
  • Glax-Control - ActiveX control supporting OpenGL on Windows. Includes documentation and source for use with Visual Basic. Provides information on interfacing with C code.
  • LWJGL - Lightweight Java Game Library - JAVA API providing access to high performance cross-platform libraries such as OpenGL and OpenAL, and controlers management under BSD licence
  • f90gl - FORTRAN interface for OpenGL and GLUT. Includes language bindings the language bindings latest releases, documentation, news and a sample language bindings gallery.
  • Tao Framework - The Tao .NET/C# framework for OpenGL. Includes language bindings latest language bindings releases, forums, and other OpenGL-related open source language bindings Tao projects.
  • JOGL API Project - Java bindings for OpenGL API with OpenGL 1.5 specification
  • OpenGL for C# - Provides C# wrapper for OpenGL and SDL along with some language bindings tools.
  • Pike OpenGL Interface - Descriptions of OpenGL support; includes screen captures. Pike is platform and os implementations an object-oriented scripting language based on LPC, originally used for platform and os implementations Multi-User Domains (MUDs).
  • Berlin - Windowing system based using CORBA providing a new standard GUI for POSIX systems.
  • ruby-opengl - OpenGL module supporting GLU and GLUT on Ruby. language bindings Build opengl and install instructions, and a brief tutorial.

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