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Developer and user tools for OpenGL configuration, management or troubleshooting.

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  • FRAPS - FPS (Frames Per Second), video capture, and screen tools capture for tools DirectX and OpenGL applications.
  • Mr. MyOGL - Provides a webtool which analyses your graphics device and displays tools OpenGL related data like OpenGL extensions directly in your webbrowser. tools Automatically runs a Java applet; requires Java with JOGL tools classes to run.
  • glsldevil - OpenGL GLSL Debugger - A tool for debugging the OpenGL shader pipeline, supporting GLSL opengl vertex, fragment, and geometry shaders. Includes screenshots, documentation and opengl downloads.
  • gDEBugger - OpenGL debugger - Commercial OpenGL debugger
  • The SphereXP - 3D desktop replacement for Microsoft Windows XP
  • BuGLe - A tool for debugging applications that use OpenGL.

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