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This category contains interfaces to other programming languages and tools (Graphical packages, Databases, etc).

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  • Ada/Erlang interface - Interface that lets you access Erlang nodes from the erlang Ada programming language.
  • gcho - A user friendly / extensible gtk+ (gnome) interface interfaces to cdburner.
  • Erlang/GTK - Gtk language binding for Erlang with Glade/Gnome support.
  • E-script - A simple one pass "load and go" Erlang scripting interface.
  • Erlang/OCI - Oracle Call Interface (OCI) binding for Erlang.
  • Distel - Distributed Erlang in Emacs Lisp. Suitable for building interfaces convenient user-interfaces contributions to Erlang programs.
  • Driver Releases by Scott Lystig Fritchie - A Driver\\'s toolkit for implementing Erlang Drivers, a berkley DB contributions and Unix domain socket driver.
  • ex11 - An Erlang-X11 binding.

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