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Books on F, a subset of Fortran 95.

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  • Programmer's Guide to F - By Walt Brainerd, Charlie Goldberg, and Jeanne Adams (The Fortran Company). Tutorial-style presentation of all the important features of F. The topics are presented in an order that is natural for learning. The style is informal and there are many realist
  • Algorithms and Data Structures in F and Fortran - By Robin Vowels (Unicomp). Emphasizes fundamentals of structured books programming through study of F and Fortran 90/95. books It is designed for a reader\\'s second exposure books to computer programming, whether it be through self-study books or a course in computer science. Sit
  • The Key Features of F - By Jeanne Adams, Walt Brainerd, Jeanne Martin, and Brian Smith (Unicomp). Reference work for the F programmer, containing a two-page summary of each of the most important features of the F programming language. Site describes book.
  • Essential Fortran 90 & 95 - By Loren P. Meissner (Unicomp). Textbook covering the fortran common elements of F and Essential Lahey Fortran, fortran two subsets of Fortran 95. Site describes book.

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