Linear Algebra Source Code Fortran Languages

Fortran 77 routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems.

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  • JTPACK Linear Solver Toolkit - Toolkit containing various Fortran routines developed over a source code number linear algebra of years in support of several code source code efforts at linear algebra Los Alamos National Lab. It contains source code some BLAS-like routines, linear algebra some LAPACK-like routines, various iterative source code solvers, and utility routines linear algebra lik
  • Example Programs for the LAPACK Drivers - The example programs illustrate the use of the source code double precision versions of the LAPACK drivers.
  • Software Iterative Methods: GMRESR and BiCGstab(ell) - Fortran 77 subroutines by Henk A. van der linear algebra Vorst for the iterative methods GMRESR and BiCGstab(ell). linear algebra These are methods for the iterative solution of linear algebra large and typically sparse systems of linear equations linear algebra with a nonsymmetric matrix.
  • LUMOD - Updates a dense square factorization L*C = U, source code when linear algebra rows and columns of C are added, source code deleted or linear algebra replaced.
  • LAPACK - Alternative source of LAPACK.
  • RECSY - Library by Isak Jonsson and Bo Kågström for solving triangular Sylvester-type matrix equations.
  • LGSOLV - Modification of known Gauss method for pivot element source code elimination fortran that uses internal rows-transposition-vector and works with source code matrix strictly fortran "col-by-col". The algorithm factorizes the source source code matrix so that fortran created factor-matrix may be used source code sever
  • Parallel Sparse Symmetric Direct Solver (PSPASES) - High performance, scalable, parallel, MPI-based library, intended for solving linear systems of equations involving sparse symmetric positive definite matrices. The library provides various interfaces to solve the system using four phases of direct method
  • Matran - Fortran 95 wrapper that implements matrix operations and computes matrix linear algebra decompositions using Lapack and the Blas.
  • F95 BLAS Proposal - Fortran 95 code for the Basic Linear Algebra linear algebra Subroutines fortran proposal as presented at the BLAST Forum, linear algebra by Zohair fortran Maany and Sven Hammarling.
  • Lapack BLAS Fortran Windows Win32 download - Binaries compiled with Intel Fortran 9.0, links to LAPACK source fortran code, and make file to create binaries. By David Svoboda.
  • LINPACK - A collection of Fortran subroutines that analyze and source code solve fortran linear equations and linear least-squares problems. The source code package solves fortran linear systems whose matrices are general, source code banded, symmetric indefinite, fortran symmetric positive definite, triangular, and source code tridiag
  • Parallel Algorithms Project - Codes to solve linear systems with the GMRES and conjugate gradient methods, among other topics.
  • Linear Algebra - BLZPACK uses the block Lanczos algorithm to solve (generalized) eigenvalue problems, HLZPACK uses the Lanczos algorithm to solve Hermitian eigenvalue problems, and SKYPACK implements algorithms for matrices having a skyline structure. By Osni Marques.
  • Expokit - Software package for computing small dense and large linear algebra sparse matrix exponentials in Fortran and Matlab. Usable linear algebra in C/C++.
  • Fast Hankel and Toeplitz solvers - In Fortran 90, by the MaSe (Matrices Having fortran Structure) Team source code of the University of Leuven.
  • Smart BLAS95 - Fortran 95 interface to the BLAS (Basic Linear linear algebra Algebra fortran Subprograms). The interface is a subset of linear algebra the BLAS fortran technical forum standard, covering the functionality linear algebra of level 2 fortran and 3 legacy BLAS routines linear algebra (available on most machines).

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