Sparse Linear Algebra Source Code Fortran

Code for sparse linear equations (symmetric or general) and sparse least squares, and updating a dense square factorization L C = U.

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  • NSPCG - Fortran 77 subroutines for solving large sparse linear systems by linear algebra adaptive accelerated iterative algorithms.
  • UMFPACK for sparse linear equations - Fortran 77 source code for solving sparse asymmetric linear equations, sparse including a version for complex matrices. There are copyright sparse restrictions.
  • BILUM - Code by Yousef Saad and Jun Zhang to solve general sparse linear systems by using Krylov subspace methods preconditioned by some multi-level block ILU (BILUM) preconditioning techniques.
  • SPARSKIT - General purpose Fortran library by Yousef Saad for sparse sparse matrix source code computations.
  • SMLIB - Fortran 90 modules by Ernst Meese for the compressed sparse source code row (CSR) and the modified sparse row (MSR) data storage source code formats, a very general incomplete LU factorisation routine, the Krylov source code subspace solvers CGS, BiCGSTAB and GMRES.
  • SMMP - Fortran 77 code for sparse matrix multiplication, transposition, sparse and format linear algebra conversion.
  • SVDPACK - Comprised of four numerical (iterative) methods for computing linear algebra the sparse singular value decomposition (SVD) of large sparse linear algebra matrices using sparse double precision Fortran 77.
  • SYMMLQ: Sparse Symmetic Equations - Solves a set of sparse, symmetric linear equations using a linear algebra conjugate gradient type method.
  • ITPACK - Collection of Fortran 77 subroutines for solving large sparse linear systems by adaptive accelerated iterative algorithms.
  • Y12m - Fortran 77 code that solves sparse systems linear algebra sparse of linear algebraic equations by linear algebra Gaussian elimination.
  • PROPACK - Software by Rasmus Munk Larsen for large and sparse SVD calculations, with versions in Fortran and Matlab.
  • MINRES: Sparse Symmetic Equations - Solves sparse linear equations using a conjugate-gradient type source code method.
  • OptimQR - The optimqr program will read a description of the sparsity linear algebra pattern of some system matrix for system of linear equations. linear algebra It will then apply heuristic branch and bound search to linear algebra find a near-optimal ordering of the rows and columns of linear algebra the system matrix. Th
  • Systems Optimization Laboratory - Code for sparse linear equations (symmetric or general) source code and sparse sparse least squares, and updating a dense source code square factorization sparse L C = U.
  • NIST Fortran Sparse BLAS - Provides computational kernels for fundamental sparse matrix operations.

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