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A Java component for creating advanced, easy to use and polished calendaring applications and event/activity visualizations. Screen shots, evaluations and documents are available at the product site.

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See Also:
  • JFolderChooser - GUI-based directory selection mechanism which can be plugged user interface classes into existing Java programs. [Open source]
  • Simprit Swing - An addon package for Java Swing including JSxToolBarPane, class libraries JSxCalendarPane, graphics JSxDatePicker, JSxButton, JSxNumberTextField, JSxDateTextField, JSxMaskTextField.
  • Java Calendar Component - Navigate to week of year. ISO week numbers. Day of year. Null Date. [Commercial, demo version]
  • Scientific Applications - A Java GUI library including JTable and TreeTable user interface classes components. [Commercial]
  • WebRender - A Java HTML renderer/browser component.
  • Desktop Extension (DesktopEx) - A platform independent framework that extends Java GUI by Java user interface classes System Tray. [Shareware]
  • LG3D Core Project - Bringing a richer user experience to the desktop class libraries and class libraries applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities.
  • Wotonomy - Pure Java UI framework for building both web and GUI applications. Inspired by the NeXT and OpenStep APIs and includes clean-room implementations of portions of the WebObjects and JavaClient frameworks. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Eltima Visual Java/SWING Components Library - Powerful set of components for Java/SWING development that graphics supports all Java Look and Feel includes Windows, graphics Motif, Macintosh and adds new styles to buttons, graphics color dialogs, search fields. [Commercial]
  • JSyntaxColor - A library for coloring in real time graphics user text input. [Shareware]
  • JClass Elements - The Essential Set of GUI Extensions and Enhancements. user interface classes class libraries [Commercial]
  • OnlyJava 2003 - Enhancing Java - Enhancements to Java Swings such as JCalendarCombo and user interface classes JCascadedPane widgets. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Java2s - Provide collection Swing controls. [Commercial]
  • Jeppers - A grid component that can be used in Swing applications. It part full featured spreadsheet editor written in Java. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Java Print Dialog Framework - A Swing component (JTable, JTextPane, JTree, ...) printing framework. It class libraries includes custom Page Setup, Print Preview, and Print dialogs, and class libraries the ability to preview and print any Java Swing GUI class libraries component. [Commercial]
  • SERVA TWaver - A set of Java Swing components for telecom OSS GUI graphics development.
  • MiG Calendar - A Java component for creating advanced, easy to use and graphics polished calendaring applications and event/activity visualizations. Screen shots, evaluations and graphics documents are available at the product site.
  • JGrid - A grid component with support import/export data in/out graphics XML format. It have built-in cell editors and graphics renderers and support custom editors and renderers. By graphics JBit Software. [Commercial]
  • Components! - A collection of components for JFC/Swing includes calendar and calculator user interface classes controls. [Commercial]
  • Java MDI application framework - A MDI (multiple document interface) application framework for class libraries Java/Swing with document-view architecture, support for undo/redo operations, class libraries clipboard data transfer, modular file i/o, internationalization. [Open class libraries source, GPL]
  • 3Magic Coffee Table - Optimized Java components to display columnar data on graphics all JDKs, user interface classes from 1.0.2 upwards. [commercial]
  • QuickTable - A DBGrid JavaBean to access database using swing class libraries JTable. graphics It features include Print Preview, Printing, copy/paste class libraries to Excel. graphics [Freeware]
  • Swing Calendar Component - Java component for date selection, easy to install user interface classes graphics and use, skins supported, free demo download.
  • Led Ticker Swing Component - Visual library for usage of led display ticker text into graphics Java Swing applications. [Commercial]
  • BISS AWT - An open-source project rewriting the Java AWT classes. It is class libraries like Swing in that it doesn\\'t use the underlying OS class libraries look and feel, but instead implements its own look and class libraries feel. [Open Source, GPL-like]
  • Advanced Swing Components (ASC Suite) - A 100% Swing-based components that help deliver Swing applications with user interface classes a professional and user-friendly interface. [Commercial]
  • Java Candies - An awt component library for Java 1.1. Some class libraries of the classes included in the library are: class libraries Animated Checkbox, Date Selector, Tab Folder, Image Button, class libraries Image Panel. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Zeus - A Java Swing components library provides useful components class libraries for graphics easier GUI development includes: JConsole, a java class libraries console replacement, graphics redirects stdout, stderr; JSplash, a splash class libraries screen. [Open source, graphics LGPL]
  • Java Date Picker - A Swing component that displays date information and class libraries acts as an interface through which users can class libraries modify it. [Commercial]
  • Extreme Component - A set of Java GUI components including: JDataGrid, user interface classes JWizardPane, JDirChooser, JLinkButton (a browser launch user interface classes button), JCalendar. [Commercial, with sources]
  • SmartUI - A lightweight Java component library for user interface(UI). [Open source, user interface classes LGPL]
  • JGUI - A collection of useful Java GUI (Swing and graphics AWT) components class libraries and utilities.
  • ActiveTree Inc. - Smart JPrint, a 100% Java printing and PDF graphics generation API user interface classes for any Swing/J2EE applications; Smart graphics JSwing, a Java swing user interface classes library with custom swing graphics components; Smart JGraph, a Java graph user interface classes library for graphics workflow, relationship, complex data presentation.[PDF]

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