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Software, with Java API, for input, output or control of any hardware (such as robots, serial ports or even terminals).

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See Also:
  • Java API for FireWire - A Java API for controlling 1394 Digital Cameras java (based on java libdc1394 library). [Open source, LGPL]
  • CEJavaComm - A driver implementation for the Java Communications API java for the WindowsCE/Pocket PC architecture. This driver supports java RS232 (serial) ports (and possibly IRCOM but untested).
  • RCXComm - Java package for communicating with the Lego Mindstorms RCX Brick. java The core of the RCX Brick is a Hitachi H8 java processor that can be controlled in a variety of ways java to read sensors, activate motors and do general processing. [Open java Source, GPL]

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