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CEDET is a collection of tools written with the end goal of creating an advanced development environment for Emacs users.

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See Also:
  • ECB - A source code browser for Emacs. It is lisp a global programming support minor-mode which displays a couple of lisp windows that can be programming support used to browse directories, lisp files and methods. It supports method programming support parsing for lisp Java, C, C++, Elisp. [Open source, GPL]
  • Emacs ada-mode homepage - Mode for programming in ADA. Downloads and documentation.
  • psvn.el - Provides a subversion interface for Emacs. Information on the module lisp and the source code are available.
  • ANTLR Mode - Major mode that provides various features for editing emacs lisp ANTLR programming support grammar files.
  • Emacs Development Environment Tools - CEDET is a collection of tools written with the end emacs lisp goal of creating an advanced development environment for Emacs users.
  • Inform Mode - A major mode to edit programs written in the Inform programming language. Supports the usual program mode functions: automatic indentation, moving over expressions, comment and string filling, font locking, tags-file support, starting compiles and parsi
  • Ilisp - Integration of various Lisp implementations (mostly Common Lisp systems and various Scheme dialects) within Emacs.
  • CC Mode - The development homepage of the Mode for editing C/C++ and lisp other languages with similar syntax.
  • Haskell Mode for Emacs - An Emacs mode currently supporting font locking, declaration scanning, programming support documentation, indentation, hugs interaction.
  • David Ponce's Emacs Page - Additions to JDE.
  • Phillip Lord's Emacs Packages - Mostly additional packages for JDE.
  • SQL mode - Development page for SQL mode and companion files.
  • Python Mode - Python support for Emacs and XEmacs.
  • Bf.el - A BrainFuck interpreter written in Emacs-Lisp. To demonstrate that the emacs lisp implementation is really working, a weird test-case is included: An emacs lisp interpreter written in BrainFuck compiled to Emacs-Lisp executing BrainFuck code.
  • PCL-CVS - Emacs interface to CVS, the open source Concurrent Versions System.
  • Hugs Mode for Emacs - Provides fontification and cooperation with Hugs, by Chris programming support Van Humbeeck.
  • PHP Mode - Sourceforge project page of a major mode for lisp editing PHP source.
  • Java Development Environment - A software package that turns Emacs into a programming support comprehensive system for creating, editing, debugging, and documenting programming support Java applications. Information about installing and using JDE, programming support FAQ, package download and contributions.
  • Will Partain's Collection of Haskell Modes for Emacs - Contains eight different modes. [Dated December 1995].

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