Obfuscated Languages Programming

A programming language in which program flow can go sideways. Closely related to Befunge. Tutorial, reference, sample source code, Public Domain implementation available.

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See Also:
  • Malbolge: Programming from Hell - Specifically designed to be extremely difficult to program languages in.
  • Orthogonal - A programming language in which program flow can go sideways. Closely related to Befunge. Tutorial, reference, sample source code, Public Domain implementation available.
  • Esoteric Programming Languages Ring - An organisation started to spread insanity and weird languages programming paradigms obfuscated among the masses.
  • l33t - An esoteric language inspired by BF and Beatnik languages which allows obfuscated l33t h4xX0r5 to write programs in languages their native dialect.
  • The Unlambda Programming Language - Minimalistic functional language based on the Lambda calculus but lacking languages the Lambda operator. Tutorial, reference, GPLed interpreters available.
  • Owl - Obfuscated Weird Language: character-based language interpreter written in languages C, in languages the style of False. By Antonio languages Maschio.
  • BDAMD: Basic Demonic Asinine Multi-Dimensional - Home site, by its creator: descriptions, code samples, download.
  • P-nand-Q - Home of esoteric programming languages such as Java2K, Smith#, Sorted!, [], Esogotschi and the Great Python Language Zoo. Also heavy on the code obfuscation front.
  • ZT - The esoteric programming language. Documentation, interpreter, languages and obfuscated languages obfuscated languages obfuscated example programs.
  • DM's Esoteric Programming Languages - D. Morgan-Mar esoteric languages Chef, Haifu, Ook!, Piet, languages Whenever. Links.
  • npiet - An interpreter for the piet programming language. In this language programming the programs are pictures, build out of 18 colors and programming black and white - this is about the real "art programming of programming".
  • Comment Programming Language - An open-source language for writing comments.
  • Waduzitdo - Turing incomplete programming language written by a guy programming named Larry, obfuscated whose friends always asked him about programming his new PC: "What obfuscated does it do?" Works programming via 2 registers: accumulator and match obfuscated flag which programming holds one value (T or F).
  • Turing Tarpit - Directory of sites dealing with obfuscated programming languages.
  • esoteric.sange.fi - Collection of esoteric programming language implementations, examples, and related files.
  • Q-BAL Programming Language - A queue based programming language. It\\'s not designed obfuscated to be programming useful, just fun.
  • Cat's Eye Technologies - Specifications, implementations, sample source code collections for several programming strange languages, obfuscated comments on obfuscated language taxonomy and programming on several far-out coding obfuscated practices, mail list, links programming to many related sites.
  • Programming in Malbolge - Introduction to Malbolge programming. Also propose modificatins of obfuscated Malbolge for programming making programming in it more worse.
  • Shakespeare - A language with beautiful source code that resembled obfuscated Shakespeare plays.
  • nouse - A language in which the IP (instruction pointer) languages varies depending obfuscated on the current stack size.
  • XS: XML-based Obfuscated Programming Language - Toy language. Harness the power of XML, by using it languages as a programming language. Compiler, sample code; interesting speculations on languages language design. By Mark Carter.
  • Weird Programming Languages - Yet another list of obfuscated programming languages.
  • Blank - Strange Befunge-descendant language.
  • Esoteric Non-existent Standards Institute - "Institute" for the standardization of unstandardized standardizable things, languages mostly programming esoteric languages and extensions to them.
  • bogusforth - Obfuscated language, powerful, quite complete, unmaintained, based on programming forth, "false" obfuscated (by W. van Oortmerssen), and "TRUE" programming (by Dewi). By Antonio obfuscated Maschio.
  • False - Programming language with two main goals: confusing everyone languages with an programming obfuscated syntax, and designing as powerful languages a language as possible programming with a tiny implementation: languages this compiler executable is only 1024 programming bytes, written languages in pure 68000 assembler.
  • Whitespace - Any non whitespace characters are ignored; only spaces, tabs and languages newlines are considered syntax.

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