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Give members as many webpages as you allow, with forums, guestbooks, polls, directories, and postcard and image galleries, along with detailed logs, backups and a Search Engine Submission Agent. Comes with two editors. [Commercial, demo]

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  • MyGenesis! CMS - Multi-user browser-based web authoring system. Supports user accounts, delegated authoring privileges, template-based and HTML-source editing, multiple file uploads.
  • Web Page Editor - WYSIWYG content editor allows text editing/formatting and image content management insertion scripts from your browser. Self installs. Make edits content management right on scripts the page. Supports multiple users with content management different privileges. [Commercial]
  • Creativyst Quote Catcher - An economical website script for maintaining a database of up to nine million quotations on site. Storage of quotations is downloadable also. [Open source]
  • Creativyst Glossary - A Perl program that allows you to easily add and maintain a glossary of terms for your website visitors. It permits links to definitions within web pages, forum and chat messages, or text entry fields. Include tables and graphics in definitions, chain
  • PVD News Online - Makes easy for users to manage news and www article collections on website. [Commercial]
  • Template Toolkit - A extensible Open Source tool written in Perl for building dynamic web content.
  • Art and Photo Gallery Builder - By Mill Road Studios. Give free art and www photo galleries to website visitors.
  • Vista View - A sharable web-based Information Management System for Email, Appointments, contacts, letters, documents, tasks... developed in Perl and using a MYSQL database. [Open source, GPL]
  • Chico Digital - A browser based Perl/CGI web site content management www tool. Allows www users to create a tree structure www of related web pages. www Includes demo.
  • Big Medium - Full-featured content manager with browser interface to allow scripts even the scripts most non-technical staff to publish webpages scripts without knowing HTML. Custom scripts templates give full control scripts over site designs. [Commercial]
  • Visual Echo - An automated, gallery and image-management script. [Commercial]
  • Twilight CMS - A commercial content management system written in Perl. Site contains description of product, screenshots, download links and supplemental information.
  • - Offers web content management software systems, including real estate, auto scripts and news management systems, free CGI Perl scripts, and publishing scripts software.
  • CommunityWeaver - Give members as many webpages as you allow, scripts with forums, guestbooks, polls, directories, and postcard and scripts image galleries, along with detailed logs, backups and scripts a Search Engine Submission Agent. Comes with two scripts editors. [Commercial, demo]
  • WebAPP - Web Automated Perl Portal is an open-source, flat-file content management Perl www portal script. Includes description, documentation, a content management forum and www downloads.
  • Innovate Solutions: Perl Scripts for Content Management - Innovate presents its Perl based content management scripts www and products. scripts Also free scripts may be downloaded www directly. [Commercial, demos]
  • Coranto - Coranto is an open source content management system, content management written in Perl. Includes a description, tutorials, a content management Wiki and downloads.
  • XPanel, Inc - Web hosting management solution that enables the provision scripts of individual content management websites for users on a server. scripts Features include managed user content management signups, advertising control, price scripts plan management and bandwidth/file size controls.
  • SiteEngine - A tool for web site admins, that allow scripts create edit scripts and manage articles and columns. It scripts doesn\\'t requires any database scripts support so you can scripts run it with hosting, supporting CGI/perl, scripts including free scripts hosting. Useful for small working groups management. scripts scripts [Freewar

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