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An online tool to test regular expressions. It allows a user to input a regular expression along with some text and displays the parts of the text that match the regular expression.

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See Also:
  • Perl Regular Expression Quick Reference - One-page document containing tabulated summaries of common codes, regular expressions modifiers, regular expressions and special characters.[PDF]
  • The Perl Regex Tutor - An online tool to test regular expressions. It languages allows a regular expressions user to input a regular expression languages along with some text regular expressions and displays the parts languages of the text that match the regular expressions regular expression.
  • How Regexes Work - An article about how to use regular expressions languages in Perl by M-J Dominus.
  • MakeRegex - The Perl-module by Hakan Kjellerstrand composes a regex-expression from a perl list of words.
  • - perlre - Describes the syntax of regular expressions in Perl.
  • Dirty Secrets of the Perl Regex Engine - Slides from a talk the author presented at TPC and regular expressions YAPC. Covers the /o flag and re 'eval'.
  • Perlretut - Basic tutorial, distributed as part of the core documentation.
  • Perl Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet - An useful ready reference - with informative tips regular expressions - regular expressions for those who use Perl regular expressions regular expressions regularly.
  • perl.perl6.language.regex - Archive of discussion relating to regular expressions in regular expressions Perl 6.
  • Perl Regular Expression Matching is NP-Complete - A discussion of the complexity of regular expression matching algorithms perl in Perl.
  • Perl Regular Expressions - A quick introduction to Perl regular expressions for regular expressions those languages who have some programming experience.
  • - perlretut - A tutorial for regular expressions in Perl.
  • Perl Regex - An introduction covering basic concepts.
  • Perl FAQ : Regular Expressions - Pattern matching and regular expressions.

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