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An article by Jan Borsodi that gives an introduction to the world of regular expressions. It explains what regular expressions are and introduces the syntax. Also provides examples with varying complexity and a list of tools which use regular expressions.

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  • Utilizing Regular Expressions - This article is a follow-up to an earlier 4Guys article programming "An Introduction to Regular Expression with VBScript". Regular Expression allows programming for complex pattern matching and replacing.
  • Data mining for regular expressions - A tool that allows programmers to generate a programming working program languages in a variety of languages that programming extracts data mined regular languages expressions from strings.
  • The Regex Coach - Graphical application for Linux and Windows which can languages be used regular expressions to experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions languages interactively.
  • Regular Expressions Library - A collection of regular expressions submitted by viewers.
  • Programmer's Heaven Regex Area - Contains a beginners regex tutorial and guides for languages using regexes regular expressions in various languages, including Perl, Java, languages .Net and Javascript. Also regular expressions has a web-based regex languages testing tool and regex library.
  • Extreg - A script that allows to perform search-and-replace operations with extended languages regular expressions from unix shells.
  • Regular expressions in Haskell - Native Haskell implementation of polymorphic regular expressions. The regexps contains regular expressions most of the features found in Perl.
  • Matchmaking with regular expressions - Shows how to use the power of regular expressions to ease text parsing and processing.
  • RegexBuddy - Tool for creating, debug, implement and save regular regular expressions expressions for Windows and Linux. [Commercial]
  • TRegExpr - A Delphi port of Henry Spencer V8-routins for programming working with a subset of Perl Regular Expressions. programming Full source code in object pascal included. No programming DLL needed. [Freeware]
  • Simplifed use of Regular Expressions from within your Scripts - A small library to make working with Regular Expressions a programming little bit easier. Free source code and tutorials for Windows programming developers.
  • Larger Regular Expressions - The purpose of this article is to show languages a few real-life examples of regular expressions at languages work.
  • Utilizing Regular Expression SubMatches - This article by Scott Mitchell examines some advanced features with regular expressions.
  • Common Applications of Regular Expressions - This article by Richard Lowe demonstrates four powerful and practical applications of regular expressions.
  • Power REGex TESTER - An online tool for creating and testing regular languages expressions.
  • Visual RegExp - A graphical explorer for your regular expressions. Requires programming Tcl/Tk 8.x.
  • Regular Expression Analyzer - An online utility that helps analyzing regular expression regular expressions structure.
  • RegExpr for VB & VBA - Regular expression library for Visual Basic and Visual Basic for programming Applications.
  • PCRE Workbench - Graphical application for Windows which can be used languages to experiment regular expressions with Perl-compatible regular expressions interactively.
  • Stripping HTML Tags using Regular Expressions - This article, by Scott Mitchell examines how to languages strip HTML tags from a string using regular languages expressions.
  • Regular Expression Tester - Uses browser\\'s JavaScript to show matches and subgroups, and highlights match in the input string.
  • TCL Regular Expressions - An Introduction to Regular Expressions in the scripting language TCL.
  • A 'Print This Page' Script Using the MS-XMLHTTP object and Regular Expressions - This article, by Troy Eberhard, examines how to create a Printer Friendly Page using Microsoft\\'s XMLHTTP component along with regular expressions.
  • Regular Expression Builder - An open source tool written in C# to build and programming test regular expressions.
  • So What's A $#!%% Regular Expression, Anyway?! - Learn how to use regular expressions and perform search and replace operations.
  • Regular Expressions - Describes Regular Expressions and compares them to Finite programming Automatas.
  • An Introduction to Regular Expression with VBScript - Articles in two parts about using Regular Expressions languages with VCScript.
  • VBScript Regular Expressions - Describes the improved text handling functions of version 5 of VBScript through its support for Regular Expressions.
  • PCRE Wrapper for Delphi 7 - Provides Wrapper classes that provide PCRE for Delphi.
  • RegEx Tester - Online regular expression tester for preg (Perl) and languages ereg (POSIX) programming formats.
  • -- C# Regular Expressions - Brad Merrill, coauthor of O\\'Reilly\\'s C# Essentials, programming provides an regular expressions overview of how regular expressions are programming used in the C# regular expressions environment.
  • Regular Expressions explained - An article by Jan Borsodi that gives an introduction to the world of regular expressions. It explains what regular expressions are and introduces the syntax. Also provides examples with varying complexity and a list of tools which use regular expressions.
  • Regex Suite - Brings the power of regular expression searching and replacing to regular expressions Frontier 5. [GPL]
  • RegExplorer - A visual regular expression explorer, it allows for regular expressions writing regular expressions regular expressions and visually see the matches. regular expressions Uses the regular expressions KDE/Qt Libraries for the user interface. regular expressions [QPL]
  • 12 Reasons to Use Regular Expressions - An article that gives 12 reasons for learning and using Regular Expressions.
  • Regular Expression Usage in C# - The source code shows how to use Regular languages Expressions in programming C#.
  • JRX - A simple JavaScript real-time regular expression evaluator, similar languages to RX tool of Activestate's Komodo IDE.
  • RegexPal - JavaScript regular expression tester with real-time regex syntax and match languages highlighting.

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