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Forum comments and discussion related to Ruby and O'Reilly guide 'Ruby in a Nutshell'; diverse opinions, many positive remarks. []

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  • Opens Online! - Announcement of Ruby-lang domain and website. [Linux Today]
  • Bypassing the GUI - By Brian Marick. Testing through a GUI is ruby hard, testing ruby through a scripting interface is easier. ruby Example uses Ruby to ruby test Word through COM. ruby [Software Testing and Quality Engineering Magazine][PDF]
  • Interview with the Creator of Ruby - Forum comments and discussion related to Ruby and languages O\\'Reilly guide languages \'Ruby in a Nutshell\'; diverse opinions, languages many positive remarks. []
  • Programming Ruby - Forum comments and discussion on Ruby and the languages book \\'Programming languages Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer\\'s Guide\\'; diverse languages opinions, many positive remarks. languages []
  • A Joyful Gem - By Rick Wayne. Short positive review, with code ruby samples. Full text, in an email; to see ruby it on magazine website one must register. [Software ruby Development]
  • The Ruby Programming Language - Very clear introductory article by Ruby creator Yukihiro ruby "Matz" Matsumoto. languages [InformIT]
  • Ruby: A Gem of a Language - First of 4-part series introduces Ruby programming, begins ruby with variables, ruby quotes, arrays, objects, methods. Later parts ruby treat more advanced topics. ruby By Joshua Drake, author ruby of Linux books and co-founder of ruby Command Prompt, ruby Inc. [IBM developerWorks]
  • Ruby: Productive Programming Language - Short positive overview, explains Ruby by comparing with languages some other languages languages; focus on production; code samples, languages forum with many comments. languages [Linux Journal]
  • Programming in Ruby - Take the pure object orientation of Smalltalk, remove articles the quirky syntax and reliance on a workspace. articles Add the convenience and power of Perl, but articles without the special cases and magic conversions. Give articles it a clean syntax based partly on Eiffel, articles add a few conce
  • Why You Might Want to Try Ruby - Editorial with description and code; resulting forum comments and discussion of mostly positive opinion. []
  • Delightful Languages: Ruby - Medium length positive review, with code samples, references. [The Perl languages Review][PDF]
  • Ruby Creator Y. Matsumoto - Interview with Matz, explains motives and early history, articles job duties, languages 10 top tips for those going articles into computing, focus on languages the human. [CIPS Connections]
  • Programming in the Ruby Language - Forum comments and discussion related to July IBM articles developerWorks Ruby article, with the usual diversity of articles opinion, much of it positive. []
  • Using MySQL with Ruby - By Paul DuBois. Two parts: Using the Ruby ruby MySQL Module, Using the Ruby DBI Module. HTML, ruby PDF; online, downloads (tar, zip). []
  • Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto: Ruby Design Principles - What makes a good programming language? It helps human thoughts, helps us think better, and makes us better programmers. Interview with brief summary, MP3 download. IT Conversations.
  • Using the Ruby MySQL Module - Article describes how to install the Tomita Masahiro\\'s MySQL module languages and use it to write MySQL-based Ruby scripts. By Paul languages DuBois.
  • Obie, Has It Been 9 Years Already? - Matz Roundtable Notes from Friday night at RubyConf ruby 2005, as questions and answers. [Obie Fernandez Weblog]
  • An Introduction to Ruby - Explains that the world can use another language for the ruby simple reason that Ruby makes programming fun again, and that\\'s ruby what counts. Introduction via examining high-level Ruby traits, and distinguishing ruby traits. [O\'Reilly Network]
  • What Can Ruby Do for the Enterprise? - By Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier. Not only is Ruby languages advancing, but other languages are taking cues from languages it. O\\'Reilly Network technical editor chromatic says Ruby languages influences Perl 6 design. Short text, a few languages links. [NewsFactor]
  • Making Waves in the Ruby World - Three Ruby projects stand out (JRuby, Mongrel, Ruport) not so articles much for development, but for communicating well, something many projects articles do less well. Linux Journal.
  • Why Not Ruby? - Forum comments and discussion, with wide diversity of articles opinion, much of it positive. []
  • An Interview with the Creator of Ruby - Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, discusses Ruby and O\\'Reilly guide \'Ruby in ruby a Nutshell'. [O'Reilly Network]

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