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SQL, Structured Query Language, is a database query language that was adopted as an industry standard in 1986.

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See Also:
  • SQLinForm - A free web-based Java tool to format any SQL statement independent from their Database. It can also prepare SQL statements for Java, C#, VB, ASP.
  • The SQL Summit: Understanding SQL/XML and Information Retrieval - Portal site with information about databases, SQL/XML, XQuery, modeling, information sql retrieval, and web and grid data access. Includes articles, sql papers, and audio and video programs.
  • UESQLC (Universal Embedded SQL Compiler) - An embedded SQL-92 precompiler for C++ and Java, designed to sql be extensible using SGML documents. [Open source, GPL]
  • SQL Dumpster - Free SQL scripts for website and application developers.
  • Archive of SQL Examples - Site provides basic SQL syntax as well as query optimisation languages tips for various database management systems (SQL Server, MySQL, Access, languages Paradox).
  • JCC's SQL Standard Page - A source of information about SQL standards.
  • W3 Schools' SQL Tutorial - Useful SQL language reference for beginners and experts languages alike
  • Archive of SQL examples - Free archive of source code examples for SQL programming programming for various database engines

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