SQL Databases

Software for source code parsing, debugging, impact analysis, real time map building and evolution management for all client/server SQL based applications.

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See Also:
  • DevGuru Intro to Microsoft JetSQL - 40 page reference tutorial that explains and gives databases examples of sql databases code for Jet SQL clauses, declarations, databases expressions, functions, operators, and sql databases statements.
  • Data Transformations Inc. - SQL Query Tools available for download, and database databases consultation services.
  • Mimer Information Technology AB - MIMER is a SQL based relational database management system (RDBMS) software targeted at mission critical client/server environments.
  • DTM SQL editor - SQL editor with ODBC and IDAPI support, visual sql databases query sql databases builder, syntax highlighting, and search and replace sql databases capabilities.
  • Daffodil Software, Ltd - A embeddable, SQL-99 specification compatible, Java-based database engine. software [Commercial and open source]
  • Quadcap Software - The Quadcap Embeddable Database is a high performance sql databases pure Java database coupled with a JSP-enabled Web sql databases Server. QED supports Internet, intranet, and CDROM sql databases deployment of web applications.
  • IBX Data Systems Ltd. - Creator of DBsurfer, an English query and decision support tool databases with a synthetic language interface that generates optimizable SQL for databases fast information retrieval.
  • ADO Explorer - A tool that presents a explorer tree view of a databases database. By PEYO.
  • YARD-SQL - SQL database system for UNIX from YARD Software GmbH.
  • Red Gate Software Limited - Supplies tools for SQL server database developers and DBAs for comparing and synchronizing databases.
  • DBScribe - Documentation tool generating output in HTML, CHM and sql databases MS Word formats. SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, MySql and sql databases PostgreSQL supported. [Commercial, trial versions]
  • CAST - Software for source code parsing, debugging, impact analysis, software real time software map building and evolution management for software all client/server SQL based software applications.
  • Frontline Software - FrontBase is a cross-platform SQL database with conformance software to many international and de facto standards.
  • DataMirror Mobile Solutions, Inc. - PointBase - Java database for embedding within Java applications sql databases to manage and distribute data on servers, laptops, sql databases PDAs and other mobile devices. Supports standard SQL sql databases and JDBC, and can synchronize to back-end enterprise sql databases databases.

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