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Article on how author helped a team successfully transition to Scrum by letting the team self-organize and discover solutions to their problems; forum comments; by Alicia Yanik.

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Advanced Development Methods, Inc.* - Scrum home, information on development process methodology, implementation, project management, free tools.

  • Scrum - Titles, summaries, links, to many articles.
  • Implementing Scrum - Reviews Scrum using comic strips and commentaries. Forum, agile RSS Feed and E-mail subscriptions available.
  • RUP in the Dialogue with Scrum - Article introduces Scrum agile software development process, presents methods on agile how software development teams can add Scrum ideas to extant agile RUP environment. IBM developerWorks.
  • Before Implementing Scrum, Consider This - Article on how author helped a team successfully scrum transition to Scrum by letting the team self-organize scrum and discover solutions to their problems; forum comments; scrum by Alicia Yanik.
  • Agile Project Management with Scrum - Method for small, multidisciplinary teams working on product-centric projects, based methodologies on principles of agile development. Much work relates to software methodologies projects, but it is used for other projects: hardware design, methodologies managing exhibits in museum. IT Wales.
  • Scrum Development on a Page - Links to one page overview diagram, Scrum Development Process. Formats: methodologies PDF, MS Word. By William Wake.
  • Scrum (Development) - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • Scrum Alliance, Inc. - Non-profit organization, provides facilities, stories, courses, resources, other agile materials, to methodologies individuals and organizations, to help users agile succeed; promotes awareness and methodologies understanding, supports iterative improvement agile of software development profession.
  • Yahoo Groups: Scrum Development Users - Active discussion forum, many issues.
  • Managers Manage - Program managers can learn from the new agile methodologies methods, too: agile Scrum and Extreme Project Management use methodologies close quarters, communication and agile discrete goal-setting to create methodologies highly effective project plans. Dr. Dobb's.
  • The Scrum Development Process - Definitions, flow diagram, tutorials, links; by Mike Cohn, methodologies Mountain Goat scrum Software.
  • Scrum (Management) - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • Inventing and Reinventing Scrum in Five Companies - Article traces Jeff Sutherland\\'s experiences with Scrum in scrum five very agile different firms. [PDF]
  • Scrum Development Process - White paper explores process, compares to other methodologies. By Ken methodologies Schwaber.[PDF]
  • High Moon Studios Receives Workplace Excellence Award - Article on how game developer won award for scrum HR programs, scrum organization performance, and employee satisfaction; used scrum Scrum to avoid usual scrum negative game development culture, scrum made hit games (e.g., Darkwatch); forum scrum comments. GameDev.Net.
  • Scrum Log Jeff Sutherland - Much information on Scrum development method: weblog, papers, books, links.
  • Scrum Overview - Process for empirical control of software development, lets methodologies teams deliver scrum working software by iterative means, to methodologies maximize business value: underlying scrum principles, influences, diagram, table, methodologies references. Darrell Norton's Weblog, MVP.
  • Wicked Problems - How to solve problems there is no consensus methodologies on what a problem is, or how to methodologies resolve it. By Mary Poppendieck. Dr. Dobb's.

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