Windows File Comparison File Management Software

Utility to keep 2 Win32 directory trees and the files within the directories in sync. Can monitor continuously. Freeware, part of the Pascal source code is on line.

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See Also:
  • ViceVersa Plus - Visually compare, backup and synchronize folders or files between drives file management and other directories.
  • MooSFV - A freeware standalone CRC creation / verification program to verify file comparison and create SFV, MD5, and M3U files for Win 9x/NT/XP file comparison written in C++.
  • ArcDiff - Utility for comparing the contents of two archives without having to expand them. Will handle ZIP, LZH, CAB and RAR archive types. Can print and export the result of comparison. For Windows Me/98/95/2000/NT4.0. [Shareware]
  • FastSum - File verification tool based on MD5 checksum algorithm, file management with file comparison two interfaces and a free edition. Includes file management tool for file comparison creation and verification of data file management fingerprints, damage detection file comparison and file comparison. [Windows 98\Me\NT\2000\XP]
  • QuickSpot - Visual file comparison utility. Windows 95 and higher.
  • DoublePics - Detect duplicate images existing more than once on a computer file comparison system or network. It does not matter if these pictures file comparison have different sizes, different contrast, color or gamma values or file comparison different file formats. [Windows]
  • Idem - File synchronization utility software for laptop, Windows, and Macintosh files on Windows servers. "Mirrors" important folders on an NT/2000 server, checking for modifications at regular time intervals. French, English, and Portuguese language s
  • Twin Folders - Shareware file, and folder synchronization utility.
  • ExamDiff - Freeware Windows 95/98/NT visual file comparison, can output windows Unix Diff file comparison format. Shareware ExamDiff Pro version has windows word-by-word diff.
  • FolderMatch - Compare and synchronize PC folders or files between file comparison drives file management and other directories. Shareware.
  • Heatsoft Adcs - Advanced directory comparison and synchronization, includes file moving and renaming.
  • Directory Toolkit - Provides tools for archive management, directory comparison and file management synchronization, UUENCODED and decoding, and file splitting. Split file management and concatenate large files and display the differences file management between any two files. Rename long filenames with file management wildcards, and per
  • Compare and Merge - Visual file and folder comparison utility. Product download, and an file management online user manual. [Shareware for Windows]
  • WDiff File - An application for the Windows (TM) operating system, which displays file management the differences between two text files, or between two directories file management and ZIP archives. The two text files (or directories) are file management displayed side by side. Shareware and freeware version.
  • Formula Software, Inc. - Active File Compare, utility for comparison and synchronization of any file comparison text files in visual mode that represents results of compare file comparison in two windows on screen side-by-side. The own File Manager file comparison allows you to compare contents of two folders.
  • Vmerge - Visual Merge version synchronization and file merging tool. Win32 shareware.
  • MD5summer - Open source application which generates and verifies md5 checksums.
  • QuickSFV - Freeware CRC creation and verification utility for SFV file comparison files.
  • Compare It - A full-featured visual file comparison and merging tool. file management Enables file comparison you to compare and work with different file management versions of file comparison the same text file with a file management color-coded side-by-side comparison. file comparison [Shareware]
  • TreeDiff - Comparison, and synchronization utility to compare directories, whether they are file management located on disk or in archives. Results are displayed in file management a side-by-side scrolling window. [Shareware Windows 2000/NT/95/98]
  • TreeComp 3.x - Utility to keep 2 Win32 directory trees and file management the files within the directories in sync. Can file management monitor continuously. Freeware, part of the Pascal source file management code is on line.
  • WinMerge - Open source tool for Windows for visual difference file comparison display windows and merging, for both files and directories.
  • FileWare Limited - Shareware Win32 synchronization tools: FileSync, FTPSync, FileDiff (viewer), file comparison CmdSync (command line).
  • Cute Mirror - File mirroring manager for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP that will file comparison compare two directory trees and report the differences file comparison in a simple form. Then select align files file comparison in either direction, by clicking on buttons or file comparison by dragging and dropping file names.
  • Araxis Merge for Windows - Visually compare and merge files and folders.
  • Check Identical Files - Searches Windows 95/98/NT directories for redundant duplicates to file management save windows disk space. Free from NH Productions.
  • Visual Comparer - Visual file compare and merge utility with syntax file comparison highlighting windows and a full-functional text editor.
  • CopyTo - A 32-bit file synchronization and backup utility for file comparison Windows. file comparison Use it to safely synchronize files between file comparison a desktop file comparison PC and a notebook PC, move file comparison files between the file comparison home and office with removable file comparison media, like ZIP or file comparison JAZ, or update multiple file comparison computers on a networ
  • Grig Software - Synchronize It (WinSin) synchronizes directories and archives. Compare windows It (WinCmp) windows visual file comparison and merging. Windows windows shareware.
  • Word Doc Diff - File compare using a visual file and directory compare utility. file management File comparison can be done with the command line. Compare file management Word, XLS, txt, rtf, htm files.
  • Beyond Compare - Scooter software\\'s Beyond Compare is a Windows utility windows that combines file management directory compare and file compare functions windows in one package. Use file management it to manage source windows code, and keep directories in sync.

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