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Studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. Focus: assembly of concurrent components. Key underlying principle: use of well-defined computation models that govern interaction between components.

    Top: Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Realtime: Research

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  • RTOS-UH - Hard RTOS, by University of Hannover: mature (usable research in real-world research systems), compact, scalable from small embedded research uses to big development research workstations; Motorola-based (MC, MP); research uses ISO 9001-2 (software development) as research internal guideline, research mostly programm
  • An Overview of the Spring System - Description of realtime microkernel and integrated environment, designed operating systems and research implemented to support/provide predictability, guarantees (on-line dynamic, operating systems atomic), end-to-end research scheduling, resource reservations; supports call/task admission operating systems model; and multipr
  • E.R.I.K.A. - Microkernel RTOSs and set of integrated tools to realtime develop embedded realtime applications, made to support all realtime architectures used in power train controllers in automotive realtime industry. Kernels have 2 main layers: Kernel Layer, realtime Hardware Abstraction Layer, HAL. [
  • Mälardalen Research and Technology Centre: MRTC - Researches realtime (with Asterix realtime kernel for space), research embedded, safety critical systems, software engineering, monitoring and research testing, programming languages. Lists of projects, publications, other research documents. At IDt (CS) Department, Mälardalen Uni
  • Real-Time Mach NTT - Another version of Real-Time Mach, by NTT Laboratories. research Contains RT-Mach operating systems kernel, FreeBSD 2.2.8 server, real-time shell, research RT-Java, Hurd loader. Getting operating systems Started section: readme, release research notes, installation, hardware, compatibility, troubles questions operating systems and ans
  • Real-Time Mach - By Real-Time and Multimedia Laboratory, Department of Computer operating systems Science, research Carnegie Mellon University. RT-Mach is a resource operating systems kernel, a research kernel provides resource-centric services, which can operating systems then be used research to satisfy end-to-end QoS needs.
  • S.Ha.R.K. - Dynamic configurable kernel architecture to support hard/soft/non realtime use with interchangeable scheduling algorithms: fully modular in scheduling policies, aperiodic servers, concurrency control protocols; all not modular in most traditional OSs. Der
  • XOberon - Hard realtime OS for mechatronics, newest version for research PowerPC; loosely operating systems based on Oberon OS, coded in research Oberon-2. Goal: create framework operating systems for non-computer-scientists needing rapid research application development (RAD) tool to program operating systems embedded systems.
  • RTG: Real Time Systems Group - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Goal: develop methods, tools, research systems to operating systems facilitate designing and implementing reliable distributed research RT systems. Current projects: operating systems developing specification and analysis research methods for RT systems, probabilistic modelin
  • Chimera - Multitasking, multiprocessor OS with features of commercial realtime operating systems OSs; as fast as VxWorks, OS-9, VRTX, LynxOS; operating systems 10 times faster in some cases: interprocessor communication. operating systems VMEbus-based, supports C/C++, goal: support developing dynamically reconfigurabl
  • ReTiS Lab - Real-Time Systems Lab, St. Anna\\'s School of Advanced realtime Studies, Pisa, research Italy; researches innovative algorithms, methods, tools realtime to deal with time-dependent research applications. Projects: E.R.I.K.A., HARTIK realtime HArd Real TIme Kernel, S.Ha.R.K.
  • Arx - A full, stand-alone RTOS: fully preemptive realtime kernel, realtime POSIX thread research library, multithread-safe standard I/O libraries, TCP/IP realtime suite, VFAT file system, research X11 R6 window system, realtime user-level IO. By Real-Time OSs Lab, research Seoul National realtime University.
  • Ptolemy Project - Studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. Focus: assembly of concurrent components. Key underlying principle: use of well-defined computation models that govern interaction between components.
  • SUMO - SUpport for Multimedia in Operating systems, Lancaster University: operating systems microkernel operating systems OS with facilities to support distributed realtime operating systems and multimedia operating systems applications and ODP-based multimedia distributed application operating systems platforms.
  • MaRTE OS - Realtime kernel for embedded uses, follows Minimal Real-Time POSIX.13 subset. research Most code is Ada, but some C, assembly. Hardware access research via Abstract Hardware Interface (HAL). Runs in cross development environment: research PC Linux Host, bare 386 PC Target, Ethernet

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