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Shell scripts are programs used to automate tasks within a Unix shell environment.

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See Also:
  • awk FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the awk scripting language, scripting a common feature of shell scripts.
  • CCsh FAQ - FAQ file for CCsh, a bourne shell to unix C cross-compiler.
  • Shells and Shell Scripts - from UW.
  • GNU Shtool - A collection of portable shell scripts compiled into a monolithic utility by the Free Software Foundation.
  • Heiner's SHELLdorado - UNIX shell scripting resource. Examples, tips and tricks.
  • Introduction to Shell Scripting - Introduction to shell scripting. Covers basics and relevant details for unix more advanced scripting.
  • SHC - A compiler for bourne shell scripts.
  • KSH Scripting Guide - Guide to programming in the Korn shell environment.
  • PHP For Shell Scripts - Tutorial for using the PHP language for shell scripting automation, hosted at
  • Shell Game - Unix Review\'s monthly shell programming column. Sample scripts unix and commentary,
  • Advanced KSH Scripting - Excellent reference for complex Korn shell scripting.
  • Bashlib - A library used to write BASH shell scripts for CGI.
  • Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial - Bourne shell/BASH tutorial with example code.
  • BASH Scripting Guide - Introduction to scripting in the BASH environment.

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