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See Also:
  • BeebIt - Freeware BBC Micro emulator for RISC OS, written by Michael emulators Foot.
  • PC Engine - Highly optimised, with full sound support. Speed typically risc os in emulators excess of 60 fps.
  • VPCE - Virtual PC Engine for playing TurboGrafx games.
  • Deathzone Emulation - Reviews of emulators for RISC OS and other emulators platforms.
  • David McEwen's Emulators - Site contains emulators for a number of computers software and consoles.
  • RiscCPS - Emulates Capcom Play Systems 1 and 2.
  • GBoyEm - Gameboy emulator.
  • Arcvic - Vic-20 emulator, written in assembler.
  • PCPro 3 - PC card driver software from Aleph1.

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