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The TalkOrigins Archive* - Provides a number of essays and articles on various aspects of biology and evolutionary theory.

  • Mammal Evolution - BBC Science and Nature article describing how modern biology mammals evolved evolution from reptiles that lived more than biology 200 million years ago.
  • Development of Evolutionary Theory - Chapter from the Online Biology Book covering this subject in detail.
  • Frozen Evolution - Information on a book by Professor Jaroslav Flegr evolution describing a science variation on the theory of evolution, evolution the frozen plasticity theory.
  • Evolution of Horses - Information on the largest collection of fossil-horse skeletons science in the evolution world at the American Museum of science Natural History.
  • Fossil Horses - Article explaining how the discovery by Othniel Charles Marsh of evolution certain horse fossils demonstrated the evolution of the horse and evolution provided credible evidence to back up Charles Darwin\'s theory of evolution evolution.
  • Evolution: Darwin - Supporting material for the "Evolution" TV series. Includes informative activities.
  • The Evolution Evidence Page - A collection of articles about evolution, most of which deal science primarily with human evolution, from a variety of sources. They science include discussion of the anatomical, fossil and genetic evidence.
  • Evolution: Fact and Theory - This article states that the most common misconception people have about evolution is that it is a theory. It then explains that evolution is a FACT and that it is Darwin\\'s explanation of the process of evolution that is the theory.
  • Songbird Shows How Evolution Works - BBC News article about study on Himalayan songbirds evolution that suggests biology how one species can evolve into evolution two.
  • The Story of Human Evolution - An step-by-step explanation of natural evolution from the evolution Big Bang to the rise of civilization.
  • Macroevolution.net - Gene McCarthy, a geneticist, provides an in-depth discussion science of macroevolution and its probable causes and, in science the process, reviews the history of evolutionary thought.
  • The Peppered Moth - Article about the peppered moth where natural selection science had caused evolution a change in populations, long held science out to be a evolution demonstration of evolution in science progress.
  • Evolution, Biology and Taxonomy - Provides articles on the history of the theory of evolution biology and the basics of biological evolution. Includes forums only available biology to members.
  • Zen Philosophy and Adaptation via Natural Selection - Article by Vaclav Petr on this subject.
  • Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses - Extensive and interactive educational resource providing information on evolution biological and cultural evolution, language development and philosophy.
  • The Mural of Primate Evolution - The American Museum of Natural History provides a mural, created biology by artist Jay Matternes, illustrating 50 million years of primate biology evolution.
  • Articles on Evolution - From the archives of the Boston Review.
  • Beliefs of U.S. Public About Evolution and Creation - Presents and discusses the results of polls (from science Gallup, About.com, biology and other sources) of various economic, science educational, and religious groups biology about evolution and creation.
  • Evolution, Complexity and Philosophy - Hans-Cees Speel discusses evolution in biology, philosophy, artificial science intelligence and evolution memetics.
  • Scientific American: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense - Review and critique of popular arguments against the biology theory of science evolution by natural selection.
  • Radiation of the First Animals - Illustrated lecture transcript by Dr. Jere Lipps. Discussion science of the evolution evolutionary record of the pre-Cambrian period science and the Cambrian explosion, evolution including the traces and science impacts of non-skeletal life forms.
  • Evolution: The Experience - Conference in February 2009 to be held at science Melbourne, Australia evolution celebrating the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s science birth and the 150th evolution anniversary of the publication science of the Origin of the Species. evolution Information on science the program, submissions, speakers, venue and so
  • The Evolutionary Tales - Recasting of Chaucer\\'s "The Canterbury Tales" to present evolution evolutionary theory and the pseudo-scientific nature of "creation evolution science" and "intelligent design," by Ronald L. Ecker. evolution Full text available online.
  • Evolution by Natural Selection - An outline of the chain of reasoning behind evolution the theory biology of natural selection.
  • Expedition: Fossils - The American Museum of Natural History provides a guided tour science through the evolution of vertebrates.
  • Vertebrate Flight Exhibit - Explores the physics of vertebrate flight, with particular science emphasis on science its origins and evolution.
  • Did Birds Evolve from Dinosaurs? - Article by Dr Marc Surtees arguing that the fossil record evolution does not appear to provide indisputable evidence for the theory evolution that birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs.
  • The Panda's Thumb - Group weblog on evolutionary theory, the claims of evolution the anti-evolution science movement, and the defence of the evolution integrity of both science science and science education.
  • This View of Life - A beginner\\'s guide to a science-based understanding of evolution, accessible biology to the non-scientist. Present the topic of evolution in a biology scientifically accurate manner that avoids highly technical language.
  • Evolution Update - A tool for academic research in evolutionary biology biology and its associated controversies.
  • Evolution: The Festival - In 2009 Melbourne is hosting a public festival that will science mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. Provides information on science events including exhibitions, film, forums, tours, dinners, lectures, debates and science church services.
  • The Modern View of Evolution - Chapter from the Online Biology Book covering this science subject in biology detail.
  • Triumph of Life - Companion to PBS series on evolution. Features science essays, video biology clips, and special interactive features that science explore the story of biology life on Earth.
  • Essays on Evolution - Essays on dinosaur origin and extinction, bird origin science and flight, biology and human origin.
  • The Evolutionist's Prayer - An evolutionary poem unraveling the history and mystery evolution of life.
  • Alec's Evolution Pages - Essays, articles, resources and links presenting scientific evidence evolution for evolution biology and refuting creationist arguments. Demonstrates fallacies evolution of Young Earth Creationism biology and Intelligent Design.
  • Evolution Directory - Provides a means for evolutionary biologists, population biologists biology and scientists in related areas to post and biology distribute information about jobs, meetings, news and general biology announcements.
  • Introduction to Phylogeny - University of California Museum of Paleontology virtual exhibit science explores the evolution relationship of phylogeny and evolution.
  • Synapsids and the Evolution of Mammals - Article from Truth in Science describing Professor Donald evolution Prothero\\'s view evolution that the evolution of mammals from evolution their ancestors, the synapsids, evolution provides an excellent example evolution of a transitional sequence.
  • Evolution for Creationists - This article argues that evolution is an observed, natural fact. biology It then tries to provide answers to many of the biology problems Creationists may have with the theory of evolution.
  • A Post-Darwinian Probabilistic Model - A probabilistic model of biological evolution with a biology new interpretation biology of Darwinian natural selection and 3 biology examples: 1) 5 mass biology extinctions 2) hominization 3) biology the PO2PAL increase.
  • Origin of Life: Prebiotic Synthesis of Amino Acids - Two articles discussing chemical evolution in light of the Zeeman effect and the lightning cloud experiments of Stanley Miller.
  • Evolution: The Panda's Thumb - One of the classic stories of evolution is evolution the riddle of the giant panda's thumb.
  • Evolution: The Festival 2009 - In 2009 Melbourne will host a public festival biology that will science mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s biology birth and the 150th science anniversary of the publication biology of his revolutionary book. Provides information science on the biology events planned, the sponsors and festival news.
  • Milestones of Vertebrate Evolution - Poster providing a great deal of information in evolution a simple but comprehensive way in accordance with evolution the new cladistic classification system. Also contains information evolution on the work behind the poster.
  • Evolution's Arrow - Web version of a book written by John Stewart about evolution the direction of evolution and the future of humanity.
  • Evolution of Evolvability - This paper shows how evolution tunes the content evolution and frequency evolution of genetic variation to enhance its evolution evolvability, organising genetic systems evolution into hierarchies. Genetic evolution evolution is neither random nor blind.
  • Monkey Trials - A blog about evolution, creation and \\'all that science jazz\', by high school biology teacher Scott Hatfield.
  • On the Origin and Impact of Information in the Average Evolution - Paper on the relationship between information and the evolution process of science evolution.

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