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Colorful 20-page (linear) article that proposes Antarctica as the site of Atlantis, destroyed by a pole-shift. An extension of Hapgood's work.

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  • Team Atlantis - An Underwater Archaeological Research Team - traveling the world and atlantis filming a series of virtual expeditions featured live on the atlantis Internet!
  • The Atlantis Project - Aims to be a collaboration site for serious alternative Atlantis researchers.
  • The Sunken Kingdom: The Atlantis Mystery Solved - Written by an historian and archaeologist, this book takes an lost civilizations entirely new approach. It reviews previous theories, some fantastic, some lost civilizations more rational, and shows why they will not work; concluding lost civilizations with the story of Atlantis came from western Turkey, where
  • Atlantis 2008 Conference Athens Greece - The official website of the international conference on atlantis Atlantis held atlantis in Athens, Greece in 2008.
  • Atlantide Home - A strange description of Atlantis.
  • Atlantis and Noah's Flood - Presents the theory that Atlantis is submerged in atlantis the Black alternative Sea, an event which it is atlantis claimed happened following the alternative breach of the Bosporus atlantis land barrier at the beginning of alternative the European atlantis Neolithic period.
  • Scott Stones Explorers and Research Team - Press releases from the Scott Stones Explorers and alternative Research Team atlantis and other news about Atlantis
  • American Atlantis Research - Organization that believes that the American continent may alternative be Atlantis. Provides articles and videos related to alternative Atlantis and to other lost civilizations and ancient alternative mysteries.
  • Atlantis: Myth or Reality? - Working theory attempting to make a connection between ancient writings alternative and maps with more recent discoveries.
  • Ancient Mysteries and Civilizations - Comparisons between the civilizations of Ancient Egypt and the Lost Continent of Atlantis.
  • Atlantis Revealed - A speculative history of Atlantis and the mysteries alternative surrounding it.
  • Galactic Encounters, Apollo Objects and Atlantis - Discusses Apollo asteroid objects, their collisions with Earth, lost civilizations the Ice Age, and how these relate to lost civilizations Atlantis and the Great Flood. By Emilio Spedicato
  • Lost Atlantis Discovered - Provides a personal view, backed up by maps, alternative of the lost civilizations whereabouts of the lost City and alternative Island of Atlantis.
  • Edgar Cayce on Atlantis - Readings by Cayce relating to the lost continent atlantis of Atlantis.
  • Legend of Atlantis: The Lost Continent - Dragan expounds his views on this legend, looks lost civilizations at atlantis other ancient civilizations and draws some conclusions.
  • Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found - Long articles by a Brazilian scientist, Prof. Arysio Santos. Various locations, science and mythology discussed. Conclusion: Atlantis was in the South China Sea
  • Atlantis: Timaeus and Critias - One of the earliest, and most quoted, mention atlantis of the alternative lost continent of Atlantis, atlantis came from these two alternative dialogues of atlantis Plato.
  • Atlantis: A Lost Lybio-Phoenician Empire. - Taking into account the clues left by Plato, archaeology, and lost civilizations history together, a concludes that Atlantis was a federation of lost civilizations Lybio-Phoenician cities of Morocco and the Canary Islands.
  • Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration? - Informational site on Atlantis and the story behind atlantis it.
  • Quest for Atlantis - A scholarly study of Plato\\'s Atlantis covering linguistic connections, myths, alternative geology, archeaology, anthropology and Egyptian and Sanskrit writings.
  • Bermuda Triangle Stargate - A German historian/scuba diver has recorded the exact location and value of deviations in magnetic fields off The Bahamas coast. Are they connected to Atlantis? Dr. Michael Preisinger investigates.
  • Sacred-Texts: Atlantis - Complete ebooks of primary texts about Atlantis by Plato, Donnelly, Bulwer-Lytton, Scott-Elliot. Includes Donnellys\\' \\'Atlantis the Antediluvian World\\' and the hard to find 'Ragnarok'; with illustrations.
  • Atlantis - Article from Wikipedia on the legendary island, Plato\\'s alternative account of lost civilizations it, more recent views, and location alternative hypotheses.
  • The Lost Continent: Atlantis - Discussion and speculation about Atlantis, its location and the Minoan alternative connection.
  • Atlanticas - A chapter from the book Atlanticas by Gábor Bihari. atlantis Plato never for a moment spoke of a continent! He atlantis always mentioned Atlantis as an island. He wrote: " there atlantis was an island, which was bigger than Libya and Asia atlantis combined."
  • Atlantis History - Constantin Benetatos argues that the northern Europeans are atlantis purer descendants of the Atlanteans than their Mediterranean atlantis counterparts.
  • Echoes of Plato's Atlantis - Article from the BBC describing the origin and development of the myth of Altantis. Includes theories about the possible location of the ancient advanced civilization.
  • Atlantis in the Caribbean - Discussion stemming from Cayce\\'s correct prediction of underwater cities being alternative discovered in Bimini - from the book Atlantis: alternative Insights From a Lost Civilization, by Shirley Andrews
  • Historic Atlantis in Bolivia - The argument for the discovery of the site of Atlantis on the Bolivian Altiplano.
  • When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis - Colorful 20-page (linear) article that proposes Antarctica as atlantis the site of Atlantis, destroyed by a pole-shift. atlantis An extension of Hapgood\'s work.
  • The Language of the Lost City of Atlantis Continent - In depth article about the Antediluvian Worldwide Language of Atlantis. Complete alphabet and links with old Greek and Hebrew.
  • World Mysteries - Atlantis - Explore the only existing written records which specifically lost civilizations refer atlantis to Atlantis: Plato\\'s Timaeus and Critias. lost civilizations Includes related atlantis resources.
  • Atlantis or Thira - Discusses the possibility that the Minoan civilization on Thira, Crete, and those island surrounding was actually the lost civilization of Atlantis.
  • Discovery of Atlantis - Website supporting a book, which argues Atlantis was on Cyprus. Includes excerpt, VRML models and animations

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