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Northern Illinois University professor with specific interests focused on temporal and cultural adaptation strategies of Palaeolithic technocomplexes in Southeast Europe.

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  • Parkinson, William - Profile and curriculum vitae of this Florida State University Assistant archaeologists Professor. Research interests include prehistoric archaeology of central/eastern Europe and archaeologists the Balkans.
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  • Conkey, Margaret - Detailed research project information for this University of California Professor. europe Topics include European archaeology and gender in archaeology.
  • Morter, Jon (1956-1997) - Obituary published in the Society for American Archaeology newsletter. Conducted excavations at the Italian Neolithic site of Capo Alfiere, Calabria, and at the Greek colonies of Metaponto, Italy, and Chersonesos in the Crimea.
  • Moore, James A. - Recent publications and course offering of this City University of archaeologists New York professor. Research interests include European prehistory, slavery, and archaeologists architecture.
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  • Jones, Barri (1936-1999) - Obituary in The Guardian July 23 1999 of europe the charismatic Welsh-born Professor at Manchester University, a europe noted Romanist. Contributions to archaeology included aspects of europe ancient Italy, north Africa, Roman Britain and Roman europe mining, and also played a leadi
  • Shanks, Michael - Weblog of this Stanford University archaeologist. Recent projects in Sicily, europe Greece, Wales, and theatre archaeology.
  • Keay, Simon - Brief profile of this University of Southampton Professor. archaeology Research interests include the Roman Empire, and trade, archaeology urbanism and culture change in the west Mediterranean archaeology basin.
  • Megaw, Vincent - Bibliography and research interests of the Professor of archaeologists Visual Arts and Archaeology at Flinders University, who archaeologists specializes in the European Iron Age.
  • Honea, Kenneth - Northern Illinois University professor with specific interests focused archaeologists on temporal archaeologists and cultural adaptation strategies of Palaeolithic archaeologists technocomplexes in Southeast Europe.
  • Adams, Jonathan - Brief profile of this University of Southampton Senior europe Lecturer. Research interests include the ethics of the europe developing field of deepwater archaeology.
  • Lindstrom, Richard - Profile of this University of Chicago PhD candidate. archaeologists Research interests europe include the archaeology of Russia, and archaeologists the Bronze Age Eurasian europe Steppe of the Southern archaeologists Zaural.
  • Arnold, Bettina - Curriculum vita of this University of Wisconsin Professor. archaeologists Primary areas europe of study are the Iron Age archaeologists of southwest Germany, gender europe and the history of archaeologists archaeology.
  • Whallon, Robert - Brief profile of this University of Michigan Professor. europe Research interests archaeologists include the prehistory of Europe and europe the Middle East.
  • Whitt, Constanze - This lecturer in the Department of Classics, University europe of Texas europe at Austin, specializes in the art europe and archaeology of Greece europe and Iron Age Europe. europe Education, interests, teaching, dissertation.
  • Lockyear, Kris - Profile of this University College London Lecturer. Research archaeology interests include archaeology Iron Age and Roman archaeology and archaeology numismatics particularly in Romania archaeology and Eastern Europe.

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