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This international nonprofit organization places paying volunteers of all ages on short-term research expeditions worldwide. Helps scientists on 140 projects from archaeology to zoology.

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  • Scientific Methodologies Applied To Cultural Heritage - International non-profit organization that promotes initiatives for applying archaeology scientific research to the world's cultural heritage.
  • Global Heritage Fund - The Global Heritage Fund\\'s mission is to help ensure the social sciences long-term preservation of humankind\\'s most important and imperiled Global Heritage social sciences sites in developing countries.
  • Donetsk Centre of the Institute of Oriental Studies - Established to provide contacts and ties of co-operation archaeology between scientists archaeology in the field of archaeology, history, archaeology culture, ideology and social archaeology problems of nations of archaeology the East.
  • International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) - International organization for those interested in the study archaeology of human/animal interactions through the analysis of archaeological archaeology animal bones.
  • The Institute of Archaeomythology - International organization for cultural research on the beliefs, social sciences rituals, organizations social structure and symbolism of prehistoric societies. social sciences Includes profile, organizations events, list of publications and journal social sciences available to members.
  • Heritage Education Programs - Hands on archaeology programs for kids. The programs include classroom archaeology field trips summer "day" camp and travel programs for families. archaeology There is also a glossary of words used in archaeology.
  • CenturyOne Foundation - A nonprofit corporation aiming to fund archaeological projects, organizations historical and organizations biblical research, publications and education on organizations the first century A.D. organizations Projects, articles, online bookstore.
  • The Bradshaw Foundation - A non-profit making organisation dedicated to the study, archaeology recording and archaeology protection of rock art. Aims, directors, archaeology CD-rom, types and examples archaeology of rock art from archaeology across the world.
  • Earthwatch Institute - This international nonprofit organization places paying volunteers of all ages organizations on short-term research expeditions worldwide. Helps scientists on 140 projects organizations from archaeology to zoology.
  • Friends of the Acropolis - Non-profit, non-political organization providing moral and material support for the organizations efforts being devoted to study, protect and conserve the monuments organizations of the Acropolis at Athens.
  • The Society for Historical Archaeology - This US-based society focuses on the New World, but also includes European exploration and settlement in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Directors, publications, news, meetings.
  • The Association for Roman Archaeology - The ARA is a Registered Charitable Company, Limited social sciences by organizations Guarantee, dedicated to supporting and fostering an social sciences interest in organizations Roman Archaeology.
  • Society for American Archaeology - An international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, social sciences and organizations protection of the archaeological heritage of the social sciences Americas. Education, organizations government affairs, membership, careers and jobs.
  • Protecting Archaeological Sites Today - An on-line organization dedicated to the preservation of social sciences archaeological, social sciences cultural, and historical sites, through political action social sciences and education.
  • Foundation for Exploration and Research on Cultural Origins - A private foundation started in 1992 by Thor Heyerdahl and organizations Fred Olsen, to further Dr Heyerdahl\\'s vision of archaeology\\'s role organizations in demonstrating the possible relations between peoples of the past.
  • Precolumbian Art Research Institute - Supports research and exploration of Mesoamerican civilizations.
  • Society for Industrial Archaeology - World-wide group aiming to preserve, interpret and document our industrial archaeology past and heritage. Membership information, calendar, conference, action alerts.
  • International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (I.U.P.P.S.) - Promotes the collaboration between scholars from all countries, archaeology working together social sciences in total academic freedom. History, constitution, archaeology organisation and congresses.
  • Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education - Provides student, teacher, and public programs and activities. organizations Features mission social sciences statement, description of programs, staff profiles organizations and contact details.
  • Computer Applications in Archaeology - An international organization bringing together archaeologists, mathematicians and computer scientists. Annual conference proceedings published (list of titles).

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