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Researcher Tom Malzbender has invented a tool that lets scholars see ancient inscribed texts in ways never before possible. Illustrated article from Hewlett-Packard Labs.

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  • Picturing the Past - Researcher Tom Malzbender has invented a tool that lets epigraphy scholars see epigraphy ancient inscribed texts in ways never epigraphy before possible. Illustrated article epigraphy from Hewlett-Packard Labs.
  • Chicago Demotic Dictionary (CDD) - A lexicographic tool for reading texts written in topics a late epigraphy stage of the ancient Egyptian language topics and in a highly epigraphy cursive script known as topics Demotic.
  • The Oriental Institute and Epigraphy - The epigraphic survey of this institute of the epigraphy University of Chicago was founded in 1924 and epigraphy continues to record inscriptions and decoration on Ancient epigraphy Egyptian monuments.
  • The two sides of the Phaistos Disc - Proposes a connection between the Phaistos Disc, the archaeology Arkalochorie axe topics and Linear A.
  • Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik (ZPE) - International Journal for Papyrology and Ancient Epigraphics, covering topics the full epigraphy spectrum of ancient texts. The articles topics are written in the epigraphy author\'s languages, including English, topics German, and French.
  • Cuneiform Tablet Collection Catalogue - Online searchable database Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP).
  • Iberian Epigraphy - Jesús Rodríguez Ramos discusses and illustrates the languages epigraphy and writing systems of Spain and Portugal, including epigraphy Celtiberian and Sudlusitanian-Tartessian, with selected bibliography.
  • Earliest Writing Found - The earliest examples of writing may have been discovered in Pakistan, according to archaeologists working on the Harappa project. BBC News report.
  • Linear A Texts in Phonetic Transcription - Proposed phonetic translation. Includes bibliography, and images.
  • Discussion Group: Inscriptiones-l - A scholarly discussion forum for those people with archaeology a professional interest in Greek and Latin epigraphy.
  • The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project - Attempt to collect all published and unpublished Neo-Assyrian texts into topics an electronic database.
  • The Arabic & Islamic Inscriptions - Examples of Pre-Islamic and Islamic Arabic Inscriptions from 1st Century topics of Hijra onwards.
  • Inscriptions from the Land of Israel - Project of the University of Virginia to create epigraphy a searchable database of all the inscriptions from epigraphy Israel from c.330 BC to 614 AD. Inscriptions epigraphy from Beth She'arim currently available.
  • African Writing Systems - Professor Ayele Bekerie introduces the various writing systems of Africa epigraphy including Ancient Egyptian, Meroitic and Ethiopic. Petroglyphs, pictographs, syllabic and epigraphy alphabetic types.
  • American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy - A non-profit organization whose purpose is to further archaeology research in, epigraphy and the teaching of, Greek and archaeology Latin epigraphy in North epigraphy America. The Society fosters archaeology collaboration in the field and facilitates epigraphy the exchange archaeology of scholarly research and discussion, both in t
  • Browsing the Memory of the World - Describes use of Unicode for encoding dead and academic scripts.
  • Chiron - Journal of the German Archaeological Institute, covering many epigraphic topics. Lsts content of recent volumes.
  • Celtic Inscribed Stones - A study by University College London of all non-Runic early archaeology medieval inscribed stones in the British Isles and Brittany. Scope, archaeology researchers, and online database.
  • British Epigraphy Society - An independent \\'chapter\\' of the Association Internationale d\\'Epigraphie Grecque et Latine. Aims, constitution, committee, events, news, jobs and prizes.
  • Phaistos Disc - Ole Hagen argues that this inscription from Minoan Crete is archaeology a calendar. Includes drawings of both faces of the disc.

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