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Encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms. More than 2,500 signs, from ideograms to graffiti, arranged into groups according to their graphic characteristics. Their histories, uses, and meanings.

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Omniglot* - Guide to all major alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems. Also includes information on languages and links to other online language resources.

  • A Short Presentation and Overview of the Rune alphabet, the Futhark - Contains a good discussion of the changes in linguistics the Norse social sciences Runic alphabet (the Futhark) over time.
  • Ancient Mesoamerican Writing - Mesoamerican culture as expressed in Precolumbian writing systems, inscriptions and graphemics and orthography codices, with links to related sites.
  • Eskaya Script - Describes the Eskaya people of Bohol, and their writing, numerical, linguistics and calendar system, as well as links to information about linguistics other Philippine scripts.
  • Blissymbolics Resources - Integrated Pictographic Language System for international communication, currently graphemics and orthography linguistics used by people with language-related disabilities.
  • Indian Alphabet Comparison - A comparison of written Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and social sciences Gujarati linguistics by Eden Golshani.
  • Truetype fonts by Curtis Clark - Downloadable Truetype fonts of ancient alphabets.
  • A Philippine Leaf - A description of literacy and writing systems in Pre-Hispanic Philippines.
  • The Origin of Writing - Post-structural analysis of the non-metrical image writing used social sciences by the Aboriginal Peoples of North America during social sciences pre-Columbian times, a system based upon material production social sciences within a visual context.
  • The Numbers in Various Writing Systems - Numbers 1-10, in syllabaries, consonantal scripts, and sign.
  • Creative Ideas: Evolutions in the English Lexicon - The combination of the symbology of the English language with social sciences that of mathematics to create new meanings.
  • Ancient Scripts of the World - Lawrence Lo describes the origins, types and families of writing graphemics and orthography systems. Sections on phonetics, historical linguistics. Bibliography and links.
  • Symbols - Encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms. More than linguistics 2,500 signs, from ideograms to graffiti, arranged into linguistics groups according to their graphic characteristics. Their histories, linguistics uses, and meanings.
  • Multilingual Computing - Links to sites of interest in multilingual computing graphemics and orthography and other closely related areas of scripts and graphemics and orthography languages as well as a guide for finding graphemics and orthography language fonts on the Internet.
  • Amanye Tenceli:The Writing Systems of Aman - Complete descriptions of the Sarati and Tengwar scripts linguistics created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his celebrated artificial linguistics languages. Also includes fonts and specialized writing linguistics programs.
  • A Study of Chinese Writing Systems - Academic paper which examines Chinese orthography .
  • African Writing Systems - An examination of the writing systems of Africa, including Amharic (Ethiopian).
  • C. C. Elian - An alternative writing system examplified through art works that are linguistics visually similar to Asian and Middle Eastern systems, but based linguistics on Western concepts of language as it relates to perception linguistics and the implied ability to experience and control reality.
  • Evolution of Alphabets - Site details the evolution of many of the linguistics world\'s major alphabets.
  • Impact of the Dravidian Culture on the Writing Systems in India. - A paper which examines the development of scripts in India.
  • World Writing Systems - Features linguistic basics of writing systems, attempts of social sciences spelling linguistics reforms, social and political aspects of many social sciences languages' orthographies.
  • Orthography Examples - Samples of non-Latin writing systems, including Cyrillic, Aramaic, linguistics a syllabary, and a phonetic system.

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